The Week in Weed 6-29-13

Lanny Swerdlow and Cheri Sicard

Lanny Swerdlow of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project and Cheri

This Week: Marijuana Linked to Lower Bladder Cancer Risk; Tech Giants Quietly Giving Aid to Pot Activists; US Mayors Demand Change to Federal Marijuana Policy; Court Rules Cops Need Warrant to Open Weed Smelling Package; A Life Sentence…For Pot?;National Lawyers Guild Calls for Ending Cannabis Criminalization;  Clergy for Legalization;  Lab Tests Show Hemp Fabric Stops Spread of Deadly Bacteria; and more.

This week’s photo: This is me with one of my personal heroes, the man who is responsible for my becoming a cannabis activist, and a dear friend, Lanny Swerdlow (he’s also a registered nurse who wrote the foreword to The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook).  Lanny is the executive director of The Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project and host of the popular Southern California Radio show Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


Lab Tests Show Hemp Fabric Stops Spread of Deadly Bacteria — New research has found that hemp fabrics actually kill bacteria, including MRSA. In a test conducted on a hemp-blend fabric (60% hemp / 40% rayon), where the fabric was infected with staph, researchers found that the hemp material killed the staph bacteria at an incredible rate – the material was found 98.5% bacteria free upon the first measurement. The same material was also infected with Klebsiella Pneumoniae (pneumonia). At first measurement, the pneumonia-infected material was 65.1% bacteria free.

Marijuana Linked to Lower Bladder Cancer Risk — Kaiser Permanente researchers compared the risk of bladder cancer in more than 83,000 men who smoked cigarettes only, marijuana only or both substances, USA Today reports. The men were aged 45 to 69, and they were examined over 11 years. Cannabis use only was associated with a 45 percent reduction in bladder cancer incidence, and tobacco use only was associated with a 52 percent increase in bladder cancer,” study author Dr. Anil A. Thomas, a fellow in urology at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles, told USA Today. More frequent marijuana use — smoking cannabis more than 500 times — was associated with greater risk reduction than smoking only once or twice.”


A Life Sentence…For Pot? — U.S. Attorney Mike Cotter is on a quest to lock up pot growers — despite his state’s medical marijuana law.

US Mayors Demand Change to Federal Marijuana Policy — A resolution “in support of states setting their own marijuana policies without federal interference” was introduced in advance of the conference by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and co-sponsored by eight other mayors from across the country. Deliberation on the resolution comes days after medical marijuana advocates issued an alarming report detailing how the Obama Justice Department has spent nearly $300 million to undermine medical marijuana laws in the U.S.

Tech Giants Quietly Giving Aid to Pot Activists — Cancer patients who Google the words “chemotherapy nausea” today get a host of advertisements for treatment, including pills, skin patches and folk remedies used to prevent vomiting. Next month, however, the same search will turn up an ad for something a bit more controversial: medical marijuana.  The change comes courtesy of the charitable unit of Google, which last week gifted a Michigan medical marijuana advocacy group $120,000 worth of its services.

Court Rules Cops Need Warrant to Open Weed Smelling Package — Police need a warrant to open a package in the mail that reeks of marijuana, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday, rejecting a prosecutor’s arguments that a search was warranted under a novel “plain smell” test.

National Lawyers Guild Calls for Ending Cannabis Criminalization —  The criminalization and prohibition of cannabis has been an abject failure and should be ended as a federal public policy, according to the findings of a new report issued this week by the National Lawyers Guild.

Clergy for Legalization — “Apparently God, who — from a believer’s standpoint — is the creator of all things, including marijuana, doesn’t care if you use it. At least that’s the opinion of the Rev. John Jackson of Trinity United Church of Christ in Gary, Ind., and probably quite a few of his peers. Jackson attended a recent conference called “View from the Pulpit: Faith Leaders and Drug Decriminalization” at the American Baptist College in Nashville, Tenn. The group of black pastors focused on the injustice of drug law enforcement because African-Americans make up only 13 percent of drug users, but make up 59 percent of those convicted for drug offenses.”

Scientists Explodes Drug War Myths — Columbia University scientist Dr. Carl Hart combines research and anecdotes from his life to explain how false assumptions have created a disastrous drug policy.

Rand Paul Says Weed Makes You Dumb and Lazy — For those who are more interested in actual scientific studies than in the ill-considered opinions of some hayseed politician, medical science has shown that marijuana is actually good for the brain, both as a neuroprotectant — helping protect brain cells against damage from harmful chemicals — and also through its property of causing neurogenesis, or the growth of new brain cells.


Marijuana Fed Pigs Makes the Best Pork Chops — Part flavor experiment, part green recycling, part promotion and bolstered by the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state, two farmers have been feeding pot excess to the hogs, and their meat is selling for premium prices.


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