How to Have a 420 Wedding in Las Vegas 

By Cheri Sicard
August 24, 2022
Let's travel with Mary Jane!

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Are you and your intended both in love with Mary Jane?  Then why not consider consider having a 420 Wedding?

To be sure some cannabis weddings have happened in the past.  Famous cannabis influencers like Dr. Dina and Coral Reefer have had weed weddings. But it is unique.

However, until now, if you did not have those insider connections like Dina and Coral, not to mention a lot of money, you were kind of out of luck if you hoped to plan a successful 420 wedding.

Not anymore. 

Weed weddings are now within everyone’s grasp and budget, thanks to Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings, a company who will take care of all the details. 

They have weed wedding packages for all budgets too, starting at as little as $950!

It goes up from there, depending on the needs and desires of the wedding party.  One package even includes a spectacular helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas: The Wedding Capital of the World…with WEEEEEEEEEEED!

420 wedding at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world's largest marijuana dispensary

Las Vegas is already the wedding capital of the world.  But being married by an Elvis impersonator has gotten nothing on Weed Weddings when it comes to the lifetime of stories you will have to tell.  Not to mention the unique photos to commemorate the event.

Where are Las Vegas 420 Weddings Held?

When booking a Las Vegas Weed Wedding you have two choices of where to be married:

  • At Planet 13, the World’s largest marijuana dispensary (see more about Planet 13 here).
  • In an actual cannabis grow room surrounded by fragrant cannabis plants.

The latter takes a bit more planning and work, but the folks at Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings can make it happen.

It might sound strange to get married in a dispensary, but Planet 13 is no ordinary dispensary.  A tourist attraction in itself, this stylish entertainment complex even houses a gourmet restaurant.  Wedding packages come with food vouchers, or a special catering can be arranged.

Also included in your 420 wedding package are the officiant, photography, and even 20% discounts on cannabis!  They can also arrange for cannabis in the floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres!

420 Wedding Cake

420 wedding cake

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, infused restaurant food and medicated wedding cakes are against Nevada law.  Although that is changing so be sure to check if it still that way when planning your wedding. 

However, a cannabis themed “green” wedding cake is part of Las Vegas Weed Weddings packages.  It might not be infused, but there will be no doubt it is there to celebrate a weed wedding.

Happily Ever After

bong toast at a 420 wedding

If someone outside the cannabis industry tried to plan a weed wedding they will have added a ton of organizing, headaches and work to the already stressful endeavor of planning a wedding.

Why go through that when you don’t have to?

There is simply no easier way to have this unique wedding experience than by doing it in Las Vegas and having help from Maxine Fentom and her creative and talented crew.  They have the experience and they have the connections to make all your 420 Wedding dreams come true.

Check out more details about Las Vegas Weed Weddings here.

420 wedding packages in Las Vegas - grow house wedding

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