Airstream City: Unique 420-Friendly Lodging in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico 

By  Cheri Sicard

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Looking for an easy 420-friendly south-of-the-border beach getaway?  Look no further than Airstream City in the Baja California beach town of San Felipe.

One of northern Baja’s fastest growing resort towns, San Felipe is an easy drive from the states on a well-maintained road (cross the border at Calexico/Mexicali). 

What awaits is world class sand beaches, excellent seafood, awesome fishing and off roading, and a unique 420-friendly place to stay in easy walking distance of San Felipe’s Malecon or tourist area.

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Airstream City owner Daniel Dudley, a semi-retired rock and roll tour manager, has been living in this area for over 15 years and always had his eye on the downtown San Felipe property where his Airstream B&B now resides. 

He especially loved that it was in easy walking distance of the Malecon, and set apart from the large expat communities to the north and south of town. 

Because Airstream City guests are actually staying in the heart of downtown  San Felipe, they can easily walk to shops, restaurants, and nightclubs, not mention San Felipe’s famous sandy beach.  Then walk, or stumble as the case may be after too many margaritas, home.

Or forego the margaritas and light up on one of Airstream City’s relaxing patios and outdoor gathering spaces.  As long as you don’t smoke inside, management here is 420-friendly!

Balcony at Airstream City

Even though Airstream City is set in town, its walled perimeter makes it secure and private.  Organic gardens and lots of comfortable outdoor space make it homey.  You can enjoy the outdoors on a rooftop balcony and even relax in a hammock.

Guests can opt to stay in one of Daniel’s restored Airstream trailers, or in an on-site stylish and well-appointed apartment.  There are even spaces for a few RVs with hookups for those who want to bring their own home with them.

Hotel room at Airstream City, San Felipe

Hotel room at Airstream City, San Felipe

Some of the Airstreams have showers.  But just like any good campground, clean showers are available for those that don’t have one or for those who prefer not to shower in their RVs.

For anyone planning a Baja wedding, family reunion, or other special event, you can rent out the entire property and they are set up for catering, bands, and plenty of space for dancing and merry making.  And plenty of lodgings for everyone in the party to stay.

Airstream City, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

Public space at Airstream City

A hearty homemade Mexican-style breakfast is included, using produce from the garden.  Or guests are welcome to use the resort’s kitchen to cook. 

Although with so many great restaurants in walking distance, why cook?

San Felipe is known for its seafood.  Daniel recommended a local favorite seafood place nearby and it did not disappoint. Mariscos La Palma has an extensive selection of traditional Mexican shrimp, clam, oysters, octopus, and fish dishes.  I ordered a mixed seafood cocktail and a cerveza and was one happy camper.

Seafood cocktail from la Palma

I asked Daniel how long he had his Airstream obsession, and he said he never had one until moving to Baja.  But he encountered so many great vintage trailers left behind by an older generation of Baja travelers that never came back, he couldn’t resist buying them.  Some of his trailers date back to the 40s and are quite rare.  Although all of them were in varying states of disrepair when Daniel acquired them.

Before he knew what had happened, he had accumulated a collection of vintage Airstreams!

The question then became what to do with them.  The answer: Open a hotel!

This was a unique, fun and relaxing place to enjoy a beach vacation.  And the fact that the owner is 420-friendly makes this great place even better.  I’ll definitely be going back!

Is weed legal in Mexico?

This is a somewhat murky question.  Small personal use amounts have been decriminalized in Baja for some time now.  And just prior to the covid shutdown Mexico's Supreme Court said it was legal for Mexican citizen to possess, grow, and use cannabis.

However, Covid has been an excuse for the Mexican legislature to avoid actually acting on it and coming up with any rules rules and laws about it.  So it remains in a gray area.  

If you are discreet you usually will not have problems.   It is widely used and readily available, although the quality may or may not be what you are used to.  But legal to buy or sell?  No.  Not really. Not at this time.

Where you can potentially get into the most likely trouble is in transporting cannabis across the border, in either direction.  To me this is just not worth the risk and I don't do it.  

If we are being super extra cautious, in reality, any cannabis used could in theory be problematic.  But I don't know of anyone who has been bothered for discreet personal use.  Especially in a private setting such as this.

Advance at your own risk though.


Airstream City, San Felipe

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