Best Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Barcelona: Club CRTFD 

By  Cheri Sicard

Let's travel with Mary Jane!

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When it comes to cannabis consumption lounges in Barcelona, Spain, we hope this page will be ever expanding.  For now we are starting with one.  But it's a great one and you gotta start somewhere.  

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How Cannabis Consumptions Lounges in Barcelona Work (Legally)

In Spain, Cannabis is not legal, but it is decriminalized.

This means venues like Club CRTFD (below) can have cannabis available as part of a social club membership, a common feature of the Barcelona cannabis scene. 

Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Barcelona: Club CRTFD

cannabis consumption lounges in barcelona, club CRFTD

The California style and vibe sets Club CRTFD apart from other cannabis consumption lounges in Barcelona.  Brought to you by CRTFD, the American plant medicine lifestyle brand that espouses street, skate, hip-hop and counterculture, this cannabis consumption lounge is as much about art as it is cannabis.

Club CRTFD is the company's first cannabis social club. The space is located in the center Barcelona, a mere five minute walk from the famous Cathedral of Barcelona.

However, Club CRTFD has not structured itself to blend into the surrounding area.

Created by a team that prides itself on authenticity and embraces subculture at all turns, Club CRTFD is bringing the best in cannabis, fashion, and art, with a distinctive California flavor, to Europe.  

The decision to create a physical space that celebrated the cannabis community unfolded naturally for the brand that started with cannabis offerings, before branching out to fashion, food, and art.

“We chose Barcelona as we feel it is the cannabis hub of Europe and the environment and energy resembles that of California,” says creative director Seti.

Club CRTFD has a casual open layout, comfy furniture, and most notably stunning, custom art pieces throughout. 

Rather than trap their artwork in insignificant frames, they have opted to use their very walls to embrace vibrant, over the top pieces from movers and shakers in the art world.

The venue will serve almost like a 21st commune with residency for creatives, featuring key individual artists for a period of time.

French artist Soklak serves as club CRTFD’s art director and his art is always prominently displayed. 

The California flavor is what sets the space apart from the many other cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

California sets the gold standard in cannabis, fashion and lifestyle, and the Los Angeles founded brand CRTFD is completely committed to bringing that across the sea.

The coffee served is on par with what you might find on Los Angeles's Melrose Avenue while the art rivals the murals of Silverlake.  According to the press release, the cannabis will knock club attendees straight into the Emerald Triangle.

With revolving artists, vendors, events and happenings, things are never dull. Club CRTFD is located at Carrer de Gombau, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain and can be reached by calling +34 932 52 81 85.  Visit the Club CRTFD website.

Let's travel with Mary Jane!

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