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Can I fly with edibles? 

By Cheri Sicard
April 27, 2022
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Dear Cheri,

Can I fly with edibles?  I mean legally speaking.  I know I physically can.

With this question I assume you are asking can you take marijuana edibles on a commercial flight? 

In legal terms, the answer to that question would be no. 

A lot of people ask me, “Can I fly with edibles in my carry on?

Believe me, I understand the desire and the appeal and I long for the days when it becomes reality.  Edibles would be great, especially on long trips, as they can help you sleep or control pain, etc.  

But sadly, as of this writing, the law says no. 

Marijuana Remains Federally Illegal

As of this writing in 2022, getting caught with any amount or form of marijuana remains a federal offense.

This law applies even in states that do allow medical marijuana or adult recreational use.  And yes it applies to all forms of marijuana including edibles.

TSA agents are federal employees and likewise adhere to federal law.  They do have the authority to call the cops if they suspect you are carrying any kind of cannabis, even edibles or topicals.  Although the decision is discretionary. 

But until federal laws change, the question of “Can I fly with edibles?” will remain in the “no” category.

This advice about not flying with edibles goes double if you are flying internationally!

Depending on where you are going, the penalties for possessing cannabis, even a seed, can be HEAVY.  This can include serious prison time.  It’s just not worth it.

Can I fly with edibles within legal marijuana states?

What if you are flying within a legal state?  For instance, from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

I have heard of instances where TSA agents let cannabis slide on intra-state flights.  So you might get away with it. 

However, according to federal law, it is not allowed.  TSA agents always have the power to crack down on cannabis should they choose.

Can I fly with edibles in my checked luggage?

Nope.  Not according to the law.  Regardless of whether or not a TSA agent physically inspects your luggage while you are present, the same rules still apply.

All that said, people bring food on flights all the time.  So who’s to say if the cookies in your brown bag lunch are medicated or not.  Except possibly a drug sniffing dog.

The Bottom Line

For me personally, none of the potential legal hassles of flying with cannabis are worth it.  I likewise don’t do it.  Although I have been known to chow down on edibles preflight many a time.

Can I fly with edibles?

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