Los Angeles Cannabis Consumption Events: Cannabis and Movies Club 

By Cheri Sicard
February 12, 2023
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Cannabis and Movie Club is Moving!

Feb 12, 2023 will be the last event at the Montalban Theatre.  The events will be moving to the Los Angeles Arts district in March.  Check out their website for more details.

Imagine relaxing with friends while smoking cannabis and enjoying your favorite classic stoner movies surrounded by vendors sampling innovative cannabis products, a dab bar, and craft food and drink purveyors.  Imagine all of it in a scenic urban roof top setting. 

Imagine no more!  The Cannabis and Movies club creates awesome cannabis consumption lounge events in Los Angeles every month.  Every week in summertime.

Fun for both Los Angeles locals and Southern California tourists alike, the Cannabis and Movies Club events are well thought out and organized, not too expensive, and provide a relaxing 420-friendly way to hang out with friends and/or meet new ones.

Cannabis and Movies Club for Tourists

Bongs for rent at the Cannabis and Movies Club Los Angeles Consumption event

Especially if you’re a cannabis lover visiting from a less enlightened state, an evening at the Cannabis and Movies Club is sure to be a highlight of your vacation. 

There’s always a partner dispensary that you can order from in advance.  When you arrive for the event, your weed order will be waiting for you.  You can even opt to rent a bong for the evening.  How awesome is that! 

You can also choose to bring your own party supplies.  You are not required to purchase from the partner dispensary.

However, know that the partner dispensary often sends out special deals prior to the event, so be sure to take advantage of the savings.

Cannabis and Movies at the Historic Montalban Theatre Rooftop

the pottery dispensary - cannabis and movies club

Cannabis and Movies Club events take place outdoors on the rooftop of the historic Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. 

Once you climb the 4 flights of stairs to get there, you’ll be well rewarded with some scenic vistas, in addition to the festivities of 420 movie night.

I attended the 4-20 showing of Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke.  It was fun to watch this stoner classic mere miles from where much of it was filmed.  Albeit in a vintage Los Angeles that looks very different than it does today.

During the film, LAPD had a search going on and for a while helicopters circled overhead. 

It was almost surreal to be outside in a public place, surrounded by copious amounts of marijuana, and not be freaked out by circling police helicopters.  But surreal in a very good way.  After a few minutes they flew on.

Cannabis and Movies Club: For Maximum Fun, Arrive Early

people having fun at the Cannabis and Movies club

Doors usually open at 5PM, a couple of hours before darkness falls and the film starts.  Plan to arrive early.  You'll find food and drink vendors, including a full bar. 

There is also a rotating schedule of cannabis vendors, often giving out samples. 

Events like these are a great way to discover new products.  I came away with two new favorites, Olala cannabis infused sodas and Perfect Cannabis Blends.  I liked these so well, I am going to do separate articles and videos about them.

Arriving early also allows you time to take advantage of the complimentary dab bar, mellow out to the tunes the DJ is spinning, and hang with friends.

Before long it will be time for the film to start.  As night falls you’ll be amazed at the bright blazes of neon, signs from next door buildings, surrounding the event space, making the scene even more magical.

Pick up some popcorn, roll another doobie, relax, and enjoy the show!

Cannabis and Movies Club Tips:

dab bar at the cannabis and movies club consumption events in los angeles
  • Be prepared for a workout as you will need to climb 4 flights of stairs to the roof.  As far as I can tell there is no elevator.
  • Order cannabis ahead but too far ahead.  Partner dispensaries are encouraged to send out some sort of discount or special offer ahead of the event.  This changes every time.  When I visited The Pottery was the partner dispensary and they offered a 25% discount and one heck of a swag bag to those who ordered in advance.
  • You can opt to bring your own cannabis.
  • If you forgot something to smoke out of, bong rentals are available at the door.
  • Dress for the weather as it is outdoors.  In fall, spring, or winter a warm jacket or blanket is in order as it gets cool once the sun goes down.
  • Events do sell out sometimes so buy tickets in advance.

Check out the movie schedule and reserve tickets at the Cannabis and Movies Club website.

Cannabis and Movies Club, Los Angeles Consumption Events

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Images by Cheri Sicard and courtesy of Cannabis and Movies Club.

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