Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Eureka, CA: Papa & Barkley Social 

By  Cheri Sicard

When it comes to cannabis consumption lounges in Eureka, CA, we hope this page will be ever expanding.  For now we are starting with one.  But it's a great one and you gotta start somewhere.  This post is part of a larger growing resource on the Best Cannabis Consumption Lounges in the USA.

Papa and Barkley Social, Eureka, CA

Papa and Barkley is one of the cannabis world’s most respected and highest quality brands.  Sharing building space with their flagship cannabis dispensary in Eureka is Papa and Barkley Social, a hip outdoor cannabis consumption lounge run by Humboldt Social.

Humboldt Social's overall focus is on hospitality and normalizing cannabis in spaces that are unpretentious and welcoming. 

Also in the same space is the Social Spa.  Owner Nicole Fryer says, "As far as we know, Papa and Barkley Social" is the only cannabis consumption lounge in the US with its own day spa."

The entire complex is housed in what used to be a K-Mart store, with the consumption lounge taking over what was once the garden department (how appropriate).

Just because this cannabis consumption lounge WAS a K-Mart does not mean it looks anything like that now. 

Granted from exterior, the shape of the building and the large parking lot might make you suspect that was the case.  However, upon entering the modern, sleek and stylish interior, those notions immediately disappear.

The outdoor consumption lounge features comfortable sofas and seating surrounding warming fire pits.  A central stage area allows for special events like comedy shows, music, and other live performances.

Hanging out at Papa & Barkley Social Cannabis Consumption Lounge

Cannabis COnsumption Lounges in Eureka, CA - Papa and Barkley Social

Admission to Papa & Barkley Social is free (unless there is a special event taking place).  At least as of this writing. 

Patrons are not even required to procure their cannabis at the attached dispensary.  Although knowing Papa and Barkley’s quality, you might definitely want to.  Nonetheless, you can definitely opt to bring your own.

While visiting Papa and Barkley Social, you can optionally hire a concierge who will keep your fire pits lit, your tables clean, your ashtrays emptied, and generally attend to your needs.  But again, it is not required.

In between seshes, you and your friends can start a "Bowl Hole" tournament.  That's Papa & Barkley Social's version of the popular Corn Hole game, except you are aiming your beanbags into the bowl of a giant glass cannabis pipe cutout (see photos below).

cannabis consumption ounges in Eureka, CA - bowl hole game at Papa and Barkley Social

Food and Drink at Papa & Barkley Social

Pig and Leaf Gourmet Food Truck at Papa and Barkley Cannabis Consumption Lounge

No doubt hanging out with friends at a cannabis consumption lounge is going to bring on the munchies.  Papa and Barkley Social has you covered.

The Pig & Leaf gourmet food truck is most always on site to provide creative and inspired snacks and sandwiches.  I was impressed with both the quality and the creativity of the offerings here.  I am not going to list items as they offer innovative new specials every day.

Special Events at Papa & Barkley Social

Special events at Papa & Barkley Social are, well, special.  

I visited during the annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival, in which Papa and Barkley Social was just one of many venues around Eureka hosting live stand-up comedy.  Being able to toke up while enjoying a live comedy show was heaven!  

The dreams my friends and I had way back when of being able to go out while having toking up being as acceptable as sipping a cocktails were now actually coming true.  Wow.

The cannabis consumption lounge also hosts musical, spoken word, and educational events.

The Social Spa at Papa and Barkley Social

the spa at Papa and Barkley social

You should also consider booking some time at the on premises spa for a relaxing cannabis infused massage, either before or after you chill out in the cannabis consumption lounge. As we said earlier, Papa & Barkley Social is currently the only cannabis consumption lounge in the US with that option.

Learn more about visiting Papa and Barkley Social here. 

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