Higher Way Travel: Creating Custom Cannabis Travel Packages 

By  Cheri Sicard

Cannabis travel is suddenly exploding.  It’s taken a long time but savvy tourism attractions and destinations are realizing the value of the cannabis loving demographic.  Travel consumers can now even purchase special cannabis travel packages that allow them to take fabulous 420 vacations.

Higher Way Travel, a travel agency that specializes in this unique niche, has watched the changes in this landscape since before there even was such a thing as a “Cannabis Travel Industry.”

Higher Way’s April Black started organizing cannabis custom cannabis travel packages back in 2008 when the only public cannabis event or trip that existed was the annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Black says, “Back then cannabis tourism was almost unheard of.  People would often call and question if what we did was even real.”

Higher Way Travel's April Black creates custom cannabis travel packages

Higher Way Travel's April Black creates custom cannabis travel packages.

More Options Than Ever for Cannabis Tourism and Cannabis Travel Packages

Black says things are quite different now and that there are now are more cannabis travel options than ever before. 

There’s no longer even a need for expensive overseas trips.  Unless you want to.

Many of today’s cannabis travel experiences, such as cannabis grow tours, cannabis brunches, cannabis golf tournaments, dinners that pair fine cuisine, wine, and weed, cannabis retreats, etc. are available right here in the good old USA.

No Such Thing as Typical Cannabis Travel Packages or Cannabis Tourists

One of the challenging things about cannabis tourism is the fact there is no such thing as a typical “cannabis tourist.” 

Members of this demographics range from cannabis curious newbies to seasoned stoners and everyone in between. 

To be sure what makes a great cannabis vacation for one will not be the ideal trip for others.

I asked April Black how Higher Way Travel handles this challenge. 

Personalization in Key to Perfect Cannabis Travel Packages

April Black said the key to a perfect cannabis vacation is all about personalization.  

Higher Way provides its clients with a full travel agent experience to create cannabis travel packages that are completely customized to the tastes and the experience levels of the people taking the trip.  

If you have weed-friendly vacation ideas, Higher Way can turn them into a reality.

I mentioned to Black that a lot of the new tour operators in this space that I have encountered thus far seem to see a cannabis vacation as nothing more than visiting a dispensary or eating an edible for the first time.  

She responded, “Sure, it can be that.  But cannabis tourism can be a lot of things depending on what the individual likes.  That’s the beautiful part about it, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of experience.”

Some of the experiences that Higher Way offers in its custom cannabis travel packages include private, off-the beaten-path grow tours, access to cannabis clubs, private wine, food and cannabis pairings, cannabis yoga, massages, and spa services, and more.

“As a cannabis travel insider, and longtime stoner, I have access to many options that the public simply can’t find or book themselves,” says Black. 

Each cannabis travel package is designed to meet the individual guest’s needs, whether they be experienced or a complete beginner.  Higher Way can also create 420 vacations for specific occasions, such as honeymoons, elopements, gals’  or guys' getaways, solo trips, health and wellness retreats, and much more.

April and partner/husband Bobby are there every step of the way—from planning, booking, and coordinating, to being on call if needed during the trip.

Of course Highway Way has a collection of 420 friendly hotels so that guests will never be fined for smoking on property.  And they create create cannabis travel packages that also offer other activities beside those just centering on our favorite herb.

Cannabis Travel Packages can include activities like whitewater rafting.

Cannabis Travel Packages can include activities like whitewater rafting.

Most Popular Cannabis Tourism Destinations in the US and Abroad

April Black says some of the most popular old standby cannabis travel destinations are just as popular today. 

Of course this means Amsterdam and Jamaica. However, Spain has emerged as a very popular European cannabis travel destination—especially Barcelona in March, when cannabis lovers come from around the world to attend Spannabis.

But now that adult use cannabis is available in more states, more domestic cannabis opportunities are opening up.

Black says that California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, have lots to offer cannabis tourists, and that even conservative Arizona is becoming a hotspot for cannabis tourism.

If you need to limit the geographical areas of your exploration, April Black says Denver and Las Vegas are great choices for cannabis tourism.

Cannabis Travel for 420 Newbies or the Cannabis Curious

Higher Way offers educational package for those who are new to cannabis or curious about what cannabis might do for them.

“One thing I offer the canna-curious in California is a private educational package where I customize, create and guide the entire experience,” says April Black.

“First, we discuss what they are looking for and interested in. I come to the guest and we go through the endocannabinoid system, the different cannabinoids, terpenes, methods of consumption, etc.

After I answer any and all questions, we take a trip to a dispensary, and I’m there as a sort of coach as they partake and experience cannabis.”

She stresses newbies should go low and slow when it comes to cannabis consumption as you can always add more, but you can’t add less!

Advice in Planning a 420 Vacation

With the current influx of operators in the cannabis travel and tourism space, I have already run across a number who clearly have no idea what they are doing.  They either have little to no tourism experience, or little to no real knowledge of cannabis. And it the worst case scenarios, they often have little knowledge of either.

As I know there are already some questionable players in this arena, and as I want to save my readers a bad experience as much as possible, I asked April Black what consumers should look for when booking a cannabis travel package or a cannabis vacation.

She started with something basic. 

Make sure the tour operator can be contacted easily and that they return your email or call promptly. She says it is also good to get on a phone call and feel them out.

Some require an appointment for a travel consultation. Black says not to be put off by this as it allows the tour operator to find out what you are seeking and really make it a personalized experience.

One of the most important things to always do is get up to date on the cannabis laws in the destination you are interested in. This is something that every cannabis tourism agent or operator should be knowledgeable about, but it’s best not to leave such things to chance.

Other than that, a cannabis vacation is a time to relax and have fun!

Visit Higher Way Travel's website and start planning your customized cannabis travel package.

creating 420 vacations and cannabis travel packages

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