Las Vegas Cannabis Tours: Your 420 Guide to “Sin City 

By Cheri Sicard
June 1, 2022
Let's travel with Mary Jane!

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Cannabis lovers planning on visiting Las Vegas take note.  In addition to gambling, and shows, and fine dining, be sure to leave time for Las Vegas Cannabis Tours on your itinerary.

This innovative tour company is your golden ticket to the world of cannabis in a way you will never see, unless you are part of the cannabis industry.

Las Vegas Cannabis tours offers a variety of different options, so be sure to check their website for the tour that’s right for you.

I had so much fun on a recent Las Vegas Cannabis Tour that incorporated some of their most popular stops: Le Francis art glass gallery, QualCan vertically integrated cannabis facility, and shopping at Cookies, the popular dispensary backed by Berner.

Learn to Make Art Glass

art glass at LeFrancis Studios, Las Vegas Cannabis Tours

When I heard we would be visiting the LeFrancis Studios I expected to watch professionals making art glass pipes or other accessories.  And we did do that.  However, this stop was FAR more hands on than just observing.

Everyone on the tour got to actually try making a piece of glass – either a dab tool or a wine stopper.  We had step by step instructions on just what to do and when.

glass dab tools made on a Las Vegas Cannabis Tour

Well, my dab tool was nowhere near as nice as the professional’s (he kindly gave me his as well) but I guess that’s why he is a professional.  Nonetheless, I had a ton of fun.  When do you ever get to try glass making?

For those who really want to get into the topic, the studio regular have classes and also special workshops with industry legends.  Learn more here.

Visiting QualCan

Qualcan garden on a Las Vegas Cannabis Tour

You can also opt to visit a grow facility on your tour.  This is a chance to peak behind the scenes of the cannabis industry that most outsiders never get a chance to experience.

The facilities change depending on who is available for tours on any given day.  On my Las Vegas cannabis tour we visited the QualCan facility, which was impressive, starting with the amazing aromas of the plants.

We toured the entire facility learning about all the products this vertically integrated company produces.  We got to see the grow rooms, veg room, clone room, and mother room.  We watched concentrates and edibles being made.  All while bathing in that glorious fragrance of fresh thriving cannabis plants.

Shopping with Las Vegas Cannabis Tours

visiting Cookies dispensary on a Las Vegas Cannabis tour

After getting a behind the scenes look at how the cannabis products we see in dispensaries actually get there, it was time to go shopping.

The dispensaries visited on the Las Vegas Cannabis tours vary from tour to tour.  On this day we visited Cookies.  If the name sounds familiar you are likely a music lover, as this is Berner’s dispensary.  In fact they are in the process of installing a music studio on the upper floors.  Like many other Las Vegas cannabis businesses, a consumption lounge is also in the works, just as soon as the permitting process catches up.

The entire tour was lots of fun and quite educational, even for someone like me who is surrounded by the cannabis world every day.  If you are new to cannabis or don’t usually have such access, it is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Learn more about Las Vegas Cannabis Tours here or reserve your spot.

dispensary shopping with Las Vegas Cannabis Tours

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