Where Are the Best Cannabis Consumption Lounges in the USA? 

By  Cheri Sicard

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Cannabis consumption lounges, cannabis social clubs, marijuana restaurants, 420 coffee shops, and cannabis nightclubs have long been the dream of those in the cannabis movement.  Not to mention every cannabis aficionado everywhere.

For decades my friends and I dreamed longingly of public places you would someday be able to visit where they would celebrate cannabis culture and weed smoking would be just as open and accepted as sipping a cocktail.  

We thought of how awesome it would be able to go and enjoy some music, or a comedy show, or just dinner with friends, while also enjoying cannabis.  

Well my friends, the time is finally here.  Those dreams are becoming a reality as more and more cannabis consumption lounges are starting to pop up in progressive areas of the country.  Starting to...

This is an industry still in its infancy.

So really when it comes to the question of "Where are the best cannabis consumption lounges in the US?"  Right now, the answer would be wherever you can find one!

What is a Cannabis Lounge?

When people ask me "What is a cannabis lounge?"  It is just that.  A public lounge, bar, restaurant, or social club where the use of cannabis is openly accepted and encouraged.  By the way, sometimes they ask, "What is a Cannabis Culture lounge?"  Same thing.

The establishment may or may not actually sell cannabis on site.  

It may or may not require patrons to become members of a club to gain admittance.  This usually has more to do with local laws and ordinances than it does a desire to run a private club.

But in all instances, cannabis use is allowed in cannabis lounges.

Be sure to scroll down the page for our list of cannabis consumption lounges in US.  The list will be ever expanding as more and more cannabis lounges open.  

Cannabis Speakeasies and the History of Cannabis Consumption Lounges in the US

To be sure, throughout those years of longing, there have been a number of places that quietly allowed in-the-know patrons to indulge on the down-low and off the record. But you had to know someone.  And it was never something advertised to the general public.

The outdoor patio of the Rainbow Room in Hollywood comes immediately to mind, although I heard they stopped the practice years ago.  And understandably so, as it was always courting problems with law enforcement.  Honestly I think it just became too popular and too many non-users started complaining.  But there were a few years where this was our regular Hollywood hangout for the simple reason they didn't care if we smoked weed there.

But those places were DEFINITELY on the Q.T.   

However, one early cannabis social club certainly was not!

The Mother of U.S. Cannabis Consumption Lounges: The World Famous Cannabis Café

Madeline Martinez at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, Portland, OR

Madeline Martinez at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, Portland, OR

Once upon a time, Portland, Oregon residents enjoyed the World Famous Cannabis Café, the first cannabis café in the United States. 

That was before Portland's political powers that be shut this amazing private cannabis social club down.

Visionary owner, cannabis activist, and NORML board member, Madeline Martinez did manage to keep the cannabis café running from November 2009 until March 2014, albeit at 3 different locations, before that happened. 

The World Famous Cannabis Café was a true community clubhouse for Portland’s medical marijuana patients and community.  

Besides camaraderie and social interactions, the café provided a much needed community service, especially for many of Portland’s  elderly, disabled, and fixed-income patients who needed the space to safely procure and use cannabis.

As a cannabis activist, it was important to Martinez that the café offer easy and affordable access to marijuana as well as a comfortable and safe space to imbibe. 

Events like comedy nights, music, and space for games and pool tables, always made an evening at the Cannabis Café fun.

But sadly this gem of a cannabis social club, that also provided a much needed service to the community, is no more.  But it is sorely missed.  

Check out the map below, that used to hang in the World Famous Cannabis Café.  The pins in it are from patrons from all over the world.  They graphically illustrate the big impact this little local cannabis social club had.

waorld famous cannabis cafe maps of patrons

New Hope for Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Sadly, at this point in history in the United States, most municipalities do not allow for cannabis consumption lounges and restaurants. 

However, as cannabis acceptance is growing, a few public cannabis consumption lounges are now starting to appear in some of the more progressive locales.

This page will feature those places, as I find them.  Special focus will be cannabis consumptions lounges I have actually visited and my thoughts about them. 

I will be regularly updating this page with more places, as I discover them.

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Reviews of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

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(Photos this page courtesy of Madeline Martinez and Humboldt Social.)

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