Visiting the World’s Largest Marijuana Dispensary: Planet 13 Las Vegas 

By Cheri Sicard
July 20, 2022
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The world’s largest marijuana dispensary is but one of many cannabis tourism opportunities in fabulous Las Vegas.

If you are a weed lover who has never been to a dispensary, you will feel like a kid who just walked into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory upon entering.

Planet 13 in Las Vegas is reminiscent of the old Fry’s stores but with WEEEEED.  For those who don’t remember, these giant electronics superstores each had whimsical themes that made them destinations unto themselves.

Well, Planet 13 Las Vegas is definitely a destination until itself for cannabis lovers.

Of course it is an ENORMOUS marijuana store.  Literally a shopping mall of cannabis with small pop up shops and vendor booths within the larger selling floor space. 

This means that consumers can choose between Planet 13’s proprietary brands, but lots of other popular cannabis brands too.  There are HUGE varieties to choose from of cannabis flowers, concentrates of all kinds, edibles, topicals and cannabis accessories.

More Than Just Shopping at the World’s Largest Marijuana Dispensary

Photo op at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world's largest marijuana dispensary

A visit to Planet 13 Las Vegas is about more than just shopping.  Even though when it comes to cannabis, you’d be hard pressed to find a better variety than offered at this humungous marijuana super store.

Planet 13 is the world’s largest marijuana dispensary after all and Las Vegas’ most popular cannabis tourist attraction.  Likewise, there’s lots to see and do beside buy marijuana:

exhibition kitchens at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world's largest marijuana dispensary
  • The photo ops begin outside with that HUGE red globe water fountain.
  • Once passing through security, be sure to look down at the interactive digital floor.  The lights in the floor change to different scenes at various times of year. When I visited it was aquatic.  As you walked across you created virtual ripples and splashes, and virtual fish darted to get away.  It’s enough to keep a stoner entertained for a LONG time.
  • So is the choreographed dancing drones show that flies high above the dispensary floor every hour.
  • While exploring you can watch gummies and chocolate edibles being created in Planet 13’s large exhibition kitchen.
  • Another awesome photo op is the literally “smoking” VW hippy bus, topped with a HUMONGOUS joint.  Pose your party around the microbus, push the button, and smoke starts billowing like Jeff Spiccoli’s van in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!
  • If you’re getting hungry, Trece, Planet 13’s on site restaurant can provide some inspired munchies, small plates and appetizers or a full gourmet meal. Trece’s contemporary menu fuses and Mexican and Southern influences.  No, the food is not infused, but it is delicious!
  • You can even get married at Planet 13!  Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings can coordinate the entire event, whether your Weed Wedding is small and intimate or a smoking blow out bash.
weed wedding at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world's largest marijuana dispensary

About the only thing the world’s largest marijuana dispensary is lacking is a consumption lounge.  

Planet 13’s marketing people assure me this is well in the works, they are only waiting for the final OK and permitting from the city of Las Vegas.  So stay tuned for updates.

The other potential downside are the prices.  Las Vegas locals will quickly warn you that Planet 13 is not the most frugal price to shop.  It is true that cannabis consumers in Las Vegas have many choices.  

However, the variety of merchandise, as well as all the attractions, make a visit to Planet 13 well worthwhile anyway.

Learn more about visiting Planet 13, Las Vegas, here.

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Planet 13 Las Vegas, the World's Largest Marijuana Dispensary

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