DIY Pipe Smoker’s Ashtray Ends Broken Weed Pipes 

By Cheri Sicard
April 21, 2018

Broken weed pipes.  It's a horror nearly every marijuana smoker has experienced...a beloved glass pipe shatters and breaks while tapping out in an ashtray.

I have a friend who regularly buys cheap Chinese made glass pipes.  He endures this problem on a weekly basis (yet he continues to keep buying subgrade pipes). 

A well made tempered glass pipe would last much longer, but even these can fall victim to this problem.  That's because over time the tiny clinks weaken the glass until eventually, it breaks.

broken glass pipes
My buddy Ian Wright came up with a brilliant DIY solution to this dilemma and agreed to let me share it with the world.  It's so simple yet so effective! 

The video above will show you how to make your own ashtray using nothing but glue and a cork (text and photo instructions are below the video for those who don't like videos).  

These DIY ashtrays make great inexpensive gifts for the cannabis smokers in your life, so pick up supplies to make several at once and save some friends' the heartbreak of broken glass pipes too.

How to Make an Ashtray and Avoid Broken Weed Pipes Forever!

This ingenious craft project takes just minutes, but you'll wonder how you ever lived without a Pipe Saver Ashtray.

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To make one Pipe Saver Ashtray you will need:

Supplies to make the DIY Pipe Saver Ashtry

1.  Take the serrated knife and carefully cut about a 1/2-inch off the bottom of the Champagne cork.  We tried making an ashtray without doing this step and it resulted in an ashtray that sprayed ashes all over the table when you tapped the pipe out.  Shortening the cork a little eliminates this problem.

SHorten the Cork - DIY Pipe Saver Ashtray

2.  Smear some of the glue onto the cut bottom of the cork.

DIY Pipe Saver Ashtry - smear the glue

3. Glue the cork into the center of the ashtray and let dry overnight.

DIY Pipesaver Ashtray

That's it!  Could not be easier.  Your new Pipe Saver Ashtray is ready to use and start saving you from the horror of broken glass pipes that died before their time.

No more broken glass pipes with the DIY Pipesaver Ashtray

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(Gandalf Pipe stunt pipe by Chameleon Glass.)

Diy glass pipe saver ashtray

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