Entertaining with Cannabis: Important 420 Party Dos and Don’ts 

By  Cheri Sicard

Maybe you want to throw a big 420 Party. Or, you might have heard about the elegant cannabis-infused dinner parties popping in big cities and want to give entertaining with Mary Jane a try.   Perhaps you might just want to add a medicated snack or two to a casual get-together with friends.  No matter what the occasion, any time a host or hostess adds cannabis to a party there are some things they should definitely take into account.  This list covers the essentials.

Entertaining with Cannabis: 420 Party Dos

  • DO have CBD tincture or breath spray on hand, as a little bit of CBD can almost instantly counter the effects of too much THC, should that happen. It probably won’t if you follow my instructions in this article, but because people’s tolerances are so drastically different it could.  In a pinch, chewing on black peppercorns can also help counteract too much THC.
  • DO keep your dosing for the entire event LOW.
  • DO choose cannabis recipes that let you medicate small bites, such as a cheese spread served on a baguette slice as opposed to serving a medicated cheese log with bread on the side that guests help themselves to. Alternately choose recipes that allow you to add medication at the last minute in order to dose each serving according to each guests' tolerance.  For instance, a risotto that has a bit of melted canna-butter or infused olive oil stirred into each individual bowl just before serving, or anything you can add tincture to.
  • DO have a designated driver and/or Uber or Lyft on speed dial in case 420 party guests get too baked to drive.
  • DO have a small “orientation” talk with your guests at the start of the event so that they will know what to expect and so you will know if there are any special needs.
  • DO consider ending the evening with something CBD-infused such as a bon bon, or coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. This provides extra insurance if anyone is feeling overmedicated as CBD mellows out the psychoactive effects of THC.

Marijuana Party, 420 Dinner

420 Party Don'ts

    • DON'T consume so much cannabis prior to your party you lose track of what you have dosed your guests (don’t laugh, this happened to friends of mine at another “chef’s” dinner party).
    • DON'T leave prep work until the last minute. If you plan and work ahead, giving 420 parties can actually be stress-free and FUN for you.
    • DON'T assume anything about your guests' dosing tolerance levels. During your orientation talk, ask each guest if they know their edibles tolerance level and if they don’t (many won’t), at minimum ask about how experienced they are with using cannabis and their comfort level with it.  Dose accordingly.
    • DON'T go wild telling the world about your 420 party or start posting about it on social media ahead of time.  Especially if cannabis is less than 100% legal where you live. You don’t want strangers, or worse yet the police, crashing your cannabis dinner or party.
    • DON'T give a 420 party without first consulting the laws in your area and knowing your rights where cannabis is concerned (nothing ruins a party like a knock on the door from the cops).
    • DON'T allow minors at your 420 party. Even in a legal state, you are opening yourself up to greater legal liability if children are present.  Protective services have removed kids from homes for less.

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