How to Roll a Joint Even If You Think You Can’t Roll a Joint 

By Cheri Sicard
February 13, 2019

I can't roll a joint is a common refrain I hear from people are parties. No worries my little bud. Here's your guide of how to roll a joint even if you think you can't roll a joint. Guaranteed!

Every time I produce a joint in a mixed crowd everyone seems impressed that I rolled such perfect marijuana cigarette, right down to the cardboard filter tip.

I say mixed crowd because those in the cannabis world are used to perfect joints ALL the time.  The rest of the world, not so much.

But I have a secret. Shhhh.  I can’t roll a decent joint by hand to save my soul.

That's right.  I can't roll a joint.  They always come out looking like pregnant worms!

I know joint rolling is a good skill to have, but I have just never taken the time to practice.  There always seems like there is something more pressing to do.

No matter. I still always have perfect joints, and you can too!

How to Roll a Joint

All it takes to roll a perfect joint is about half a minute and an inexpensive little cigarette roller gadget like the one pictured below.  You can pick one up for just a few dollars at any smoke shop or order online.

This indispensable little gizmo is the secret to how to roll a joint for those who can't normally roll joints.  The roller allows you to quickly and easily roll perfect professional looking joints every time.  Even the first time.  Even with a filter tip (aka crutch).  Watch the video at the top of this page and see just how easy it is.

Roll a bunch of joints in advance and nobody need know you had help.  It will be our little secret.  

Cigarette roller makes perfect marijuana joints
Marijuana Joint Filter Tips by Raw

Let’s Talk Joint Filters AKA "Crutches"

Before we get to rolling joints, let talk for a minute about cardboard filters, also knows as crutches in the cannabis world.  To be sure these tiny cardboard tubes at the end of joints are not actually filters.  They filter nothing.  Nonetheless, that is what they are commonly called.

Adding a filter is an optional step when rolling by hand or with a cigarette roller, but a HIGHLY recommended one!

The cardboard tip or crutch on the joint serves two important purposes:

  • It keeps the end of the joint that goes in your lips from getting wet and yucky and falling apart.
  • It eliminates the need for a roach clip, as you smoke the joint all the way down to the cardboard filter and then just toss it out. No waste!

Some rolling papers, such as OCB, come with cardboard crutches/filters in the rolling paper packs. Or you can buy pads of precut crutches like those made by Raw.  You can even purchase fancy filter tips that are already prerolled!

A money saving tip is to save up white business cards of people you are never going to call anyway, and cut them into crutches.

No matter what you use to make your joint crutch/filter it’s worth the time and you will be rewarded with a better overall smoking experience.

How to Roll a Joint with a Filter Step-by-Step

  1. Grind your cannabis to an even consistency so that it will, in turn, burn evenly.How to Roll a Joint
  2. Fold the crutch by making 3 or 4 small accordion folds on one short end then roll the rest of the filter around this to make a small tube (see photo above).How to fold a crutch or filter when rolling a joint
  3. Place the folded crutch on one side of the roller. How to roll a perfect joint
  4. Fill the remaining space with ground cannabis.How to roll a joint 
  5. Close the roller, give it a couple of turns towards you to compact the cannabis, then insert a rolling paper, glue side facing to roll a joint
  6. Roll until just the glue strip piece of paper is exposed. Lick the glue, then roll the rest of the way.
    How to roll a perfect joint
  7. Remove from roller and spark it!How to Roll a Perfect Joint

Extra: Awesome Joint Holder!

pot pocket hand crafted joint box

Pot Pockets are handcrafted wooden joint holders.  Smaller than a deck of cards, each Pot Pocket holds 3 or more joints.  Best part, you can smoke part, put in back in the box, and save the rest for later.  Check out my full review here.

How to Roll a Joint

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