Marijuana Hacks – 40 Plus Practical Tips You Can Use Today!


Marijuana Hacks - 40 Practical Tips You Can Use TodayWhen you are into anything long enough, you begin to pick up little tips and tricks along the way.  Cannabis is no different!  Likewise, I have collectible some of my favorite “marijuana hacks” and compiled them into one easy to read downloadable tip sheet.

Every marijuana consumer needs these”stoner hacks.”

Topics Include:

  • How to save money on cannabis
  • How to stretch your stash
  • The best ways to clean pipes, bongs, and dab rigs
  • Pipe pokers you already have lying around the house
  • Controlling odor when cooking with or smoking marijuana
  • Rolling designer joints
  • What to do if you or someone you know consumes too much marijuana
  • Insider secrets to huge savings when shopping for pipes, bongs, vapes and more!

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