Marijuana Massage Oil Free Tutorial — An Easy Introduction to Cannabis Topicals 

By  Cheri Sicard

 April 19, 2020

Marijuana Massage Oils: An Easy DIY Intro to Marijuana Topicals

Cannabis-infused massage oils are without a doubt the easiest of all marijuana topicals to make and likewise an excellent way to try out topical cannabis for yourself. Besides helping you relax and leaving your skin feeling awesome, they can relieve both all over or localized relief from pain and inflammation.  They can even ease pain in stiffness in the person GIVING the massage as well as the lucky recipient.  Talk about Win/Win!

Don't Let the Term "Massage Oil" Limit You, Rollerball Oils Are Awesome!

Don't wait for a special occasion like a msaage to put the power of these healing oils to use in your life.  One of my favorite ways to use them, especially for localized relief for things like headaches, is packaged in a rollerball bottle.  You can just roll on cannabis-infused relief wherever you need it!  Whenever you need it too as these small leak proof bottles are easy to tuck into a purse or pocket and take with you.

Free Marijuana Massage Oil Tutorial PLUS 5 of My Favorite Massage and Rollerball Oil Formulas

Making massage oil is simple and easy.  I created a FREE tutorial that will have you whipping up batches of your own Marijuana Massage Oil by tonight!  I also include 5 of my personal favorite Marijuana Massage Oil formulas:

  • Pain Relieving Massage Oil
  • Headache and Tension Tamer Massage Oil
  • Menstrual Cramp Massage Oil
  • Itch and Bug Bite Relief Oil
  • Sleepy Time Massage Oil


Infused massage oils are easy to make and provide localized relief of pain, inflammation, headaches, cramps, itching, and more!

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