Free DIY Marijuana Massage Oil Tutorial 

By  Cheri Sicard

Marijuana Massage Oils: An Easy DIY Intro to Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis-infused massage oils are without a doubt the easiest of all marijuana topicals to make and likewise an excellent way to try out topical cannabis for yourself.

Besides helping you relax and leaving your skin feeling awesome, marijuana massage oil can provide both localized or all  relief from pain and inflammation.  

Cannabis Win/Win for Persons Receiving AND Giving Massages!

Marijuana massage oils can even ease pain in stiffness in the person GIVING the massage, not just the lucky recipient.  That's because in the process of giving the massage, the oil is being absorbed into the masseuse's hands too.  

I don't know anyone who regularly gives massages that couldn't benefit for some TLC to stiff and overworked hands.  Using cannabis infused massage oil provides a big Win/Win opportunity for massage therapists and their clients.

Don't Let the Term "Massage Oil" Limit You, Cannabis Rollerball Oils Are Awesome Too!

marijuana massage oil roller balls

Don't wait for a special occasion like a massage to put the power of these healing cannabis infused oils to use in your life.  One of my favorite ways to use DIY marijuana massage oil is packaged in a rollerball bottle.  

You simply roll on cannabis-infused relief wherever you need it!  

I especially like these cannabis topicals for headache relief but they work well for anywhere you have localized pain or inflammation.

Marijuana massage oil roller ball applicators are easy to take along with you for cannabis topical relief anytime, anywhere.  

Just tuck the small leak proof bottles into purses, backpacks or even pockets for relief on the go!

Purchase inexpensive roller rollerball applicators here.  To help extend the shelf life of your cannabis massage oil, choose a dark glass bottle.

Free Marijuana Massage Oil Tutorial
PLUS 5 of My Favorite Cannabis Infused Massage and Rollerball Oil Formulas

Making  massage oil is simple and easy, especially if you already some some cannabis infused oil on hand (if not the instructions at the link will help you make it). 

 I created a FREE tutorial that will have you whipping up batches of your own Marijuana Massage Oil by tonight!   Just fill out the form below to get access.

Once you have the tutorial, you will be able to design your own custom marijuana massage oils.  But, I also include 5 of my personal favorite DIY Cannabis Massage Oil formulas:

  • Pain Relieving Massage Oil
  • Headache and Tension Tamer Massage Oil
  • Menstrual Cramp Massage Oil
  • Itch and Bug Bite Relief Oil
  • Sleepy Time Massage Oil

Cannabis Infused Massage Oils and person getting a massage

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