The Weed Pipe Storage Hack You Can’t Live Without 

By  Cheri Sicard

storing glass pipes, the hack you can't live without

Weed pipe storage is a common problem among cannabis enthusiasts.  That's because a lot of us manage to accumulate quite a collection of glass pipes.  

I know I have, and my friends are no different.  It's no wonder.  Glass pipes come in every size, color, shape, and price point imaginable.  It's a fun hobby that also has a functional side.

How to Store Glass Pipes

But how to you store your delicate treasures and keep them protected?  Easy.  Start saving egg cartons!

storing glass pipes
Egg Cartons make great places to store your glassware.  Depending on the size of the pipe, you may or may not be able to close the box, but either way the carton will nestle the glass pieces, keeping them from clanking together and eliminating chips and breakage.

Egg cartons also make terrific drying racks when you are cleaning pipes.  Look for a pipe cleaning feature coming soon!

(Gandalf and Food Glass Pipes in these photos by Chameleon Glass.)

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