Marijuana Music: Medical Marijuana Card by Macka B


Marijuana Music
Marijuana Music: Medical Marijuana Card, Macka BMedical Marijuana Card

Marijuana Music by Macka B

(2015)  With all the conditions our incredible plant can heal, it’s no wonder it brings people joy.  And if this song exudes anything, it is the joy of medical marijuana and more specifically the joy of freedom that having that little “medical marijuana card” can bring.

Set to a lively reggae beat, the story of British reggae artist Macka B and his buddy driving in California, being stopped by the police, and subsequently driving off with no issues thanks to possessing a medical marijuana card, wraps some serious cannabis information in a light hearted package.  Much like Peter Tosh does in Legalize It, Macka B outlines a laundry list of ailments helped by medical marijuana, but he does it in a drastically different way.   The music may sound like reggae bubblegum, but the lyrics can actually educate.  This is the kind of tune that will get stuck in your head for days, but it’s so darn happy, you just don’t mind.  You might even find yourself dancing!

Put on your headphones and give Medical Marijuana Card a listen and get ready celebrate the joy of this incredible plant and, problems aside, the joy of progress towards ending prohibition!


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