Senior Medical Marijuana Patients in the Spotlight at First Fridays


pure life alternative wellness, senior medical marijuana patientsGuest post by Cynthia Johnston

Saturday, March 4, 2017. It was not a good night. I woke up in pain after sleeping fitfully. My knees were on fire from an out-of-nowhere arthritis attack. My stomach was upset. All of which made me a worthy candidate for the patient review samples from the previous night’s Community Alliance meeting at Pure Life Alternative Wellness Center in Chatsworth, California.

Alliance with Benefits, Especially for Seniors

senior medical marijuana patients

Writer Cynthia Johnston, a proud “Senior Stoner”

Pure Life Alternative Wellness is a dispensary that gives back  – to the patients and to the community. When you visit Pure Life, first and foremost, expect a clean, modern, well-stocked dispensary with kind bud tenders who focus on your needs. If you don’t know exactly what you need, they offer ways to sample products. For instance, every Friday is Patient Appreciation Day. Two vendors display and discuss their wares while giving out free samples. It’s a great way for patients to experiment and learn.

At 4:00 PM on the First Friday of every month, it’s Community Alliance time for the “over 50” set. Me, I’m 22 years over 50. Let that sink in.

Pure Life owner Yami Bolanos hosts this group so seniors can come together and discuss issues of concern to them. Every First Friday, the members of Community Alliance receive a selection of samples to try out and review.

Key word: Review. So here we are. I like to sample flower (aka “smoke weed” or whatever you choose to call your smokable Cannabis) in the morning on a clear head, so after two cups of tall, dark and handsome coffee, I lit up a strain called “Connect Blend No 401” by Canndescent California.

As for the pain, I have to admit I had already – automatically and unconsciously – resorted to 4 pumps (1 ml) of Nternal Oral Elixir because it has successfully treated my arthritis for years. I managed to run out for a month or two and proved to myself that you can’t heal arthritis by taking this medicine for a while and then stopping. You have to keep taking it regularly. Not in great quantities, but a regular “Micro Dose.” The benefits build up and can last a long time, but you have to keep it in your system. Like oil to a car engine. You have to keep the working parts lubricated. I was taking it regularly again but wasn’t all the way back yet, hence the “out of nowhere” pain that was pretty much gone by the time I got to the end of this paragraph. Credit for the pain relief has to be equally shared by the oil and the smoke. Credit for the fact that you are reading this goes entirely to Connect Blend No 401 by Canndescent California.

Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks with Cheri Sicard                                                                             

The Community Alliance meetings also feature regular speakers. In March author, chef and cannabis activist, Cheri Sicard spoke on common cannabis cooking mistakes and how to avoid them. Making your own edibles turns out to be far more affordable than buying them pre-made, and easier to suit your own personal food preferences. Come to find out, it’s not all cookies and brownies but savories and full dinners, as well. Dosage and flavor are the two key elements in Cannabis cooking. You can access Cheri’s FREE online dosing class, along with her comprehensive Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks here.

Here, Try This

Besides the community itself, which for seniors can be crucial, another benefit of attending the Community Alliance is the patient review samples. Quite the sweet deal, if you ask me. There’s no other way I’d be trying these different products. Nowadays, there is such a heady array of choices, it’s hard to decide what new products to try. Especially on a limited budget. Which is a big part of being over 50, let’s face it.

On top of the aforementioned flower by Canndesescent, I sampled a “Moon Rock killer cone (pre-roll) with Strawberry C02 oil (51% THC) by Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak”, a gram of Galaxy Quest Indica-dominant hybrid, and a vape pen by with “300 MG FOG: locally sourced, lab-tested and certified pesticide-free Sativa dominant Fire OG: 68% THC, 1% CBN, and 1.5% CBG.”

The Moon Rock was pleasant and relaxing but the FOG was truly impressive, inspiring me to spend many focused hours writing and editing. I saved the Galaxy Quest Indica for bedtime. My only criterion for Indica is “Can it help me sleep? With Galaxy Quest, I never got through a whole bowl, much less pick up my notebook for a review before I toddled off to bed. In other words, mission accomplished.

NORML Women at Pure Life

But wait, there’s more!  On the heels of Community Alliance, NORML Women’s Alliance of LA County meets at 5:00 PM on First Friday at Pure Life. Given the name of the group, a surprising number of men attended. As one of our male members, Mitch Mandell once said, smart men know where the women are. Stoner women, at that.

Our agenda for 2017 is to broaden our base through coalition building and join with other organizations in common cause. We must eliminate taxes on Medical Marijuana as state regulations are hammered out. Medicine should not be taxed. Why should adult use be carried on the backs of patients? Why is Cannabis the only medicine to be taxed? Those will be among the questions we bring to our representatives in Sacramento as MCRSA (Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) becomes state law.

“De-facto DUI” is DOA and we hope to keep it that way. “For too many decades, marijuana prohibition has stigmatized people by labeling them with criminal convictions; future legislation should remove criminal statutes rather than increase their number,” notes NWA-LA community leader Jessica Lux.

We will also continue to fight for the release of non-violent marijuana prisoners, especially those serving life sentences. Yes, that really is a thing (Marijuana Lifer Project).

We also stand with Pure Life owner, Yami Bolanos, in her fight for the rights of patients being denied transplants because they test positive for Cannabis. And yes, unbelievable as that sounds, it really is a thing. We seek the broadest base of support possible for these causes. Join us! You’ll be glad you did.

At our April meeting we will provide contact lists for grassroots lobbying and finalize a survey for local legislators to determine their position on these and any other issues we identify.

See You Next Time at First Fridays!!                                                                                             

First Fridays happen the first Friday of each month at Pure Life. Community Alliance at 4:00 pm. NORML Women’s Alliance of LA at 5:00 pm. 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 (310 246-9345.)

See you there!

Cynthia Johnston is a California based freelance writer.


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