7 Practical Reasons To Use A 2×2 Grow Tent 

By  Mitch Mandell

Having an indoor grow tent provides year-round cannabis harvests. It doesn't matter if you are new or an experienced grower, the benefits of a 2x2 grow tent are impressive.

A grow tent and lights provide numerous benefits, and we are here to list some of the most important ones!

#1 Grow Year-Round in a 2x2 Grow Tent

While outdoor growing can only be done one time a year, having an indoor grow tent does away with the need to plan for grow times and worry about outdoor temperatures. With a small 2x2 grow tent, the elements of temperature  are less of an issue. A grow tent can maintain the perfect temperature its ability to keep it from outdoor elements and even some pests means less risk for your plants.

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#2 A 2×2 Grow Tent Utilizes Space Appropriately

Back in the day, if you wanted to grow your own, you would have to dedicate a lot space in order to get good results. With  advancing technology and LED lights, the space required to harvest bountiful results has diminished.

A small grow tent can easily fit inside a small closet or under the stairs. With the ability to minimize space for maximum results, the use of a grow tent is far better today than it ever was in the past.

#3 Grow Tents Use Less Energy

The old methods were more of a hodge-podge of setting things up. From utilizing the space for hot and heavy HPS lights, to maintaining a consistent temperature, leaks in light and excessive heat or cold were common problems.

Now we use LED lights, digital timers, thermometers, and humidity sensors.  With a fully enclosed grow tent, the heat and light are less likely to escape, if at all.

Because of its optimized small space, a grow tent provides the perfect cannabis growing environment without making your energy bill higher than Willie Nelson.

#4 Grow Tents Reduce Pests

One of the biggest complaints people have when growing outdoors is that there are a lot of pests. With indoor grow tents, the issue of pests like mites and other animals diminishes to almost zero. From chipmunks, deer, and gophers using you garden as an edibles store, to potential crop death due to mites or disease, grow tents help keep your plants safe from the elements.  

#5 Circulation of Clean Air

A 2x2 grow tent is perfect for air circulation.  The best fans for grow tents are small clip on fans.  The fan acts to simulate the gentle breeze much like an outdoor setting.  This helps to strengthen the plants stems and branches without doing the damage of big a big gust of wind. 

A carbon filter and an inline fan for grow tents will keep curious friends and neighbors from asking "Do I smell dank weed growing here?" 

#6 Lighting is Simple

Tents can give you a better idea of how much light you need for the perfect results. As a beginning grower with a standard 2x2 grow tent, all you need one 100 - 150 watt LED light. When all is said and done, for new growers the right lights are already selected for the small, 1 - 2 plant grow tent kits now available.

#7 Grow Tents Are Easy To Set Up!

Overall, setting up your tent can take less than 15 minutes. Once the poles are put in place and the canopy is pulled around the frame, the rest is easy as pie.

For many beginners, purchasing a 2x2 grow tent kit provides them with the basics of growing high-quality results. Now, home grow tents and kits are much easier to set up and will take far less time than you think.

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