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Can you grow marijuana from OLD seeds? 

By Cheri Sicard
July 12, 2023

Dear Cheri,

I found some very old marijuana seeds and I wanted to know, is it worth trying to grow them?  Can you grow marijuana from old seeds?  How do you grow cannabis from old seeds?  Is it even possible to grow marijuana from old seeds at all? Thanks for any insight.

Yes, you technically can grow from old seeds.  if the seed sprouts, you can grow from it.

That said, depending on what you know about the seed, you may or may not want to bother.  Cannabis Cheri's grow editor, Mitch Mandell, says unless he knows what that seed is and where it came from, he would not bother.

Why?  Because it takes time and effort to grow weed, so you  might as well grow the absolute best weed you can, and it all starts with genetics.

Where are the old seeds from?  Growing from old seeds can be a crapshoot.

If you know they came from quality cannabis, then sure, try to get them to sprout and grow.

On the other hand, if you don't know, you might be wasting your time growing schwag.  Nobody wants to grow schwag!

But the bottom line is, yes, you can grow marijuana from old seeds.

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