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How much electricity does a small cannabis grow use? 

By Cheri Sicard
May 1, 2024

Dear Cheri,

Can you discuss any info about how much electricity does a small cannabis grow use?  How much should I expect my electric bill to go up when growing cannabis indoors?  Thank you!

That's a good question.  Things have definitely changed when it comes to how much electricity it takes to power a small home cannabis grow.  So the short answer to your question is, assuming you are using LED lights (and you should be), not much.

Back when Mitch started growing, electrical use was definitely an issue.  HID and HPS lights illuminated indoor grows and these did indeed raise electric bills, even with a small cannabis grow.  They also put out a lot of heat, which today's LED grow lights do not.  Because of that extra heat, you also needed extra fans and an air conditioner, all of which added to the electric bills.

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Not only were electric bills an issue back in the bad old days, the police used to use helicopters to look for houses with high heat signatures, or target houses with exceedingly high electric bills in order to find illegal grows.

Today, we can grow with efficient LED grow lights like those made by Vivosun,  Viparspectra, and Sayhon instead, and all those issue disappear.  Air conditioners are no longer needed (well maybe if you live in a hot climate, but not because of the lights).  

So with a simple fan and a couple of LED grow lights, you shouldn't notice your electric bill go up more than $10 or so per month, if that, with a small cannabis grow.

Mitch says that these days, all told including fan, lights, water pump, etc. your grow room will be running at about 200 watts, where back in the day that would have taken about 2000 watts or more.

So the bottom line is, a small indoor home cannabis grow will not significantly increase your electric bill.

Happy cannabis cultivating!

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