Media Watch: Eve on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers on Working with Snoop


Joan Rivers, Fashion PoliceWelcome to a new series at Cannabis Cheri.  Media Watch will attempt (and we KNOW we will miss a lot so be sure to send in your tips) to document the mainstreaming of marijuana.  So if you see something in a TV show, movie, music, etc. that should mentioned here, please let us know.

We begin this series with hip hop/rapper Eve speaking to Joan Rivers (another known fan of the herb) on her E! network show Fashion Police about working with Snoop Dog (now known as Snoop Lion).

Joan: Were you worried he was going to be high?

Eve: Well, you know… you partake.

Kelly Osborne: (panel member) I don’t know if it’s a worry as much as an expectation.

Eve: And the first time I worked with him, it was kind of like…if I get to smoke weed with Snoop Dog, I’ve made it.  That’s huge.  You know what I mean?  Every young artist that has watched him…that’s something you want to do. You want to partake in that with him.

Joan: And did you?

Eve: Definitely.  Definitely!


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