Ardent FX Infusion Press Draining and Straining Accessory Review 

By Cheri Sicard
March 17, 2021

This nifty little accessory for the Ardent FX Decarboxylator and Infuser (my personal favorite cannabis cooking gadget) makes it super quick, easy, and neat to drain and strain your cannabis infusions like marijuana butter, or, etc.

The Infusion Press works much in the same way a French press coffee maker does in that when you push the plunger down, it separates the plant material (or coffee in the case of a French Press) from the liquid. 

So, after you have used the FX to perfectly decarboxylate your cannabis, then make an infusion with it, the Infusion Press lets you drain and strain it within seconds.   Watch the video demo of just how easy it is.  No colanders, no cheesecloth, no mess!

If I had any complaints at all about this accessory, it’s the fact that at $55.00, it is a bit pricey.  But if you make a lot of infusions and/or money is no object, you cannot beat the convenience it offers.

If you need a lower priced alternative, you could alternately use a French Press coffee maker.  Granted, it won’t be perfectly sized to fit the FX, so you will have a little more cleanup, but it’s not bad.  Simply pour the entire contents of your infusion, plant matter and liquid butter, oil (or whatever) into the French Press, plunge, and pour!

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Infusion Press by Ardent Cannabis makes straining cannabis infusions easy and neat

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