Book Review – The Little Black Book of Marijuana 

By  Cheri Sicard

 May 21, 2012

Here is a crash course on cannabis in a neat tiny package.

If you are new to marijuana use and especially if you have never used marijuana, this book is an invaluable little reference that will give you the honest low down on the essential information you need to know.   Needless to say, it also makes a great gift for anyone curious about if cannabis might be right for them.

Author Steve Elliott, editor of the popular cannabis website Toke Signals, puts myths to rest and addresses society’s biggest concerns about cannabis with solid research backed up by the latest scientific evidence.

Not just for beginners, The Little Black Book of Marijuana makes a great resource for activists as it lets you quickly and easily put your fingers on facts and stats when you need them most. With this book as your guide, you’ll be well prepared for the next impromptu marijuana debate that breaks out (and you know they do).  Even veteran marijuana enthusiasts will undoubtedly learn a new tidbit or two in these pages.

Of course, this tiny book isn’t big enough to go into great depth, but after reading you’ll have a solid basic knowledge of these cannabis related topics:

  • Marijuana History
  • Marijuana and Health
  • Should Marijuana be Legalized?
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Medical Uses of Marijuana
  • Ways to Use Marijuana
  • Marijuana Recipes
  • Varieties and Strains of Marijuana
  • Marijuana Culture

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