Stoner Gift Guide 2023 — Awesome 420 Gifts for Marijuana Enthusiasts 

By  Cheri Sicard

 November 18, 2023

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There were some great new products I found this year as well a few returning favorites.  Below are some of my favorite weed lovers gift picks for 2023 in no particular order.  There is something for everyone, including the dog!  Read on and get your shopping done!

RYOT Verb Dry Flower Vaporizer

RYOT Verb dry herb vaporizer

I have a new favorite vape!  Why is the RYOT Verb my new favorite vape?
Besides the fact that it vapes flowers and not oil, I absolutely LOVE its simplicity.  The RYOT Verb is quick, easy, and simple to use and clean.  Enter coupon code CHERI15 for 15% off at checkout.

Get the RYOT Verb Dry Flower Vaporizer


My new FAVORITE gadget does it all: decarboxylates your cannabis, makes infusions like butter and oil, and even makes FECO (full extract cannabis oil).

Get a 5 euro discount (will be converted to dollars) by entering the code CHERISICARD at checkout!
Check out the POT by NOIDS

Ryoy Dry + Smell Proof Backpack

This is an awesome gift for traveling cannabis users.  RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series technology will trap and nullify unwanted odors, no matter how big or small your stash. RYOY has bags for everyone!

Use the coupon code CHERI15 to get 15% off the Ryot Dry + Backpack or any of the other fine products on the Ryot website.

Gifts for Senior Stoners

Cheri Sicard in Senior Stoners shirt

Check out our fun line of Senior Stoner merchandise including shirts, hoodies, and mugs.
Senior Stoner gifts

Ardent FX Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

Two of my favorite cooking gadgets are the Ardent FX and the Mini.  They both perfectly decarboxylate your cannabis, then you can make your infused butter or oil right in the FX or Mini without any odor.  You can even cook in it if you choose.

For 15% off any products from Ardent, use the coupon code ARDENTCHERI15 at checkout.

The Bud Grower Cannabis Cultivation Kit

What we LOVE about Bud Grower kits is there is no more shopping around and hoping you got it all.  Plus it will cost about 65% percent less than buying it all individually.  Everything you need to successfully grow cannabis (minus seeds or clones) is in there!  Genius! 

Check out Bud Grower COMPLETE Cultivation Kits

Cannabis Cheri Shop

Check our new Cannabis Cheri shop with fun shirts and hoodies designed by Cheri herself.
Shop for shirts.

Marijuana Pajamas

marijuana pajamas, stoner gifts

Drift off to sleep with Mary Jane.  Unisex Marijuana Onesies feature a hidden zipper tract that allow users to remove or re-attach the feet as desired thus offering the versatility of both a footed and non-footed pajama. They also comes equipped with a concealed, rear zipper drop seat is conveniently located on the back side of the onesie, so you never have to take it off, even to use the restroom

Get the Marijuana Onesie Pajamas

marijuana shower curtain

Take a shower with Mary Jane!  Stylish waterproof shower curtain has one-sided printing and includes 12 "C" Type Plastic Hooks.

Order the Marijuana Shower Curtain from Amazon

Cannabis Crocs

Everyone's favorite comfy shoe is now available adorned with cannabis leaves!  What better footware for working in the garden?

Order Cannabis Crocs here.

Best Bud Doggie Pajamas

Marijuana Leaf Dog Sweater

Made for Bully type dogs, these soft, thoughtfully designed pajamas are made from high quality fabrics that are oh-so-cozy! Plus every purchase helps dogs in need at rescue shelters.

Order the Best Bud Doggies Pajamas here.

Tahoe Grinders

Tahoe grinder co cannabis grinders

I love the weight and heft of these sturdy grinders.  The lids are magnetic and quickly snap closed and into place.  I also love the aesthetics of the etched lids and if you peruse the Tahoe Grinder Co website you will find a HUGE variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.  You can even have custom grinders made with your artwork or logo. There is a grinder sized to every need. 

Learn more about Tahoe Grinders here.

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