Stoner Gift Guide — Awesome 420 Friendly Gifts for Marijuana Enthusiasts 

By  Cheri Sicard

 November 18, 2021

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There were some great new products I found this year as well a few returning favorites.  Below are some of my favorite weed lovers gift picks for 2021 in no particular order.  There is something for everyone, including the dog!  Read on and get your shopping done!

Rosinbomb Rocket Rosin Press

Rosinbomb Rocket Rosin Press Kit

This small home rosin press presses between 1 to 5 grams of flower at a time into all natural concentrated rosin.  The Rosinbomb Rocket presses flowers or concentrates like kief and hash.  It’s easy to use and takes no special skills.  You could literally be pressing rosin minutes after opening the box.  You can precisely control the temperature you use for pressing rosin.  Rosinbomb rosin presses come with a “True Force” guarantee.  That means they rigorously test each and every press in their USA facility.  This might not seem all that important, but when you look at the test results of some of their competitors’ claims versus reality, you realize this is a good feature to have when you are investing hundreds of dollars in a piece of equipment.  

GET 10% off the RosinBomb Rocket by entering the coupon code CHERI at checkout.

Ardent FX

Ardent FX Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

My favorite cooking gadget, and the ONLY cooking gadget I personally use, the Ardent FX is the new and improved big brother to their popular Nova.  The FX perfectly decarboxylates your cannabis, then you can make your infused butter or oil right in the FX without any odor.  You can even cook in it if you choose.

Get $30 off!!! Enter the coupon code CannaCheri at checkout for $30 off the Ardent FX.

Ryot Pro-Duffel Bag with SmellSafe Carbon Series Technology

Ryot Smell Proof Duffel Bag

This is an awesome gift for traveling cannabis users.  RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series technology will trap and nullify unwanted odors, no matter how big your stash.  This is a big roomy high quality bag made from weatherproof canvas and water resistant zippers to protect your stash from the inside and outside.  Padded interior traps odors and cushions contents.  There are even customizable cushioned inserts that keep bongs, dab rigs, and other glassware safe, while neutralizing their odors.

Use the coupon code CHERI15 to get 15% off the Ryot Smell Proof Pro-Duffel Bag or any of the other fine products on the Ryot website.

Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer

Whether it is the IQ2 or the smaller personal Miqro, in my opinion, nobody makes a better personal flower vape than DaVinci.  Who knows what is in that vape oil you've been inhaling and who knows what the long term effects of inhaling oil even are?  Doesn't it make sense to vape natural flowers instead?  DaVinci vapes make it easy, convenient, and discreet to vape flowers.

Check out DaVinci Vapes here.

Cannabis Crocs

Cannabis Crocs

Everyone's favorite comfy shoe is now available adorned with cannabis leaves!  What better footware for working in the garden?

Order Cannabis Crocs here.

Best Bud Doggie Pajamas

Marijuana Leaf Dog Sweater

Made for Bully type dogs, these soft, thoughtfully designed pajamas are made from high quality fabrics that are oh-so-cozy! Plus every purchase helps dogs in need at rescue shelters.

Order the Best Bud Doggies Pajamas here.

Mars Hydro Tent Kit

This amazing kit contains everything you need to grow a single plant indoors in one complete kit (except for cannabis, nutrients, and soil), including a high-quality state-of-the-art LED grow light that is energy efficient but still gets great results.  For the budding cannabis gardener, there's no better gift.
Visit Mars Hydro.

Marijuana Track Suit

Marijuana Track Suit

Stand out in the crowd with this distinctive marijuana track suit.  This one is for true fans only, but if you've got one of those on your list, here is a great stoner stylish gift for them!

Order the Marijuana Track Suit here.

The unique children's book makes a terrific way for parents and grandparents to have a conversation with young children about cannabis and medical marijuana in an age-appropriate manner.

I love this book because it treats the subject of cannabis as it should be, namely an everyday healthy part of life. Susan is not drawing undue attention to it. It’s growing there in her garden where some things are for everyone, and some things are just for grownups.

In the book grandchild and Grandma work in the garden weeding, monitoring insects, picking vegetables, and cooking together afterward including food for the kids and grandma’s special smoothie. Sometimes Grandma makes medicine with her special plants.

The book makes a wonderful introduction to cannabis in a very low key, age-appropriate manner. Young children may or may not be already aware of the fact that Grandma, or Mom and Dad, are using cannabis for medicine and for things that adults do to relax. Here’s a terrific way to talk more about it and open up a realistic dialogue.

Order What's Growing in Grandma's Garden from


Last but by no means least, no matter where you obtain it, or what form it takes (flowers, edibles, concentrates, or topicals), there is no better gift for a cannabis lover then cannabis itself!

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