Cannabis Gift Guide – Great Gifts for Cannabis Lovers Under $20 

By  Cheri Sicard

 November 28, 2020

Just because you don't have a lot of green doesn't mean you can't get a great gift for the cannabis lovers in your life!

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Ok, below are my under $20.00 gift picks (in order of price from lowest to highest, prices accurate as of this article's writing but subject to change).

Clipper Lighters (Under $2.00)

Clipper Lighters

Depending on the package you buy, this little stocking stuffer is less than a measly $2.00.  They are available in an infinite variety of fun designs.  Best off all, Clippers are refillable, so are more environmentally friendly than most disposable lighters.  Package a lighter with lighter fluid and flints and your happy gift recipient will have reliable (and stylish) lights for a good long time.

Marijuana Mask with Replaceable Filters ($12.88)

Marijuana Mask with Replaceable Filters

Get stoner stylish protection with these washable, breathable masks with replaceable filters.  Each filter is crafted with 5 layers, Contains activated carbon, anti-sticking cloth, two layers of high efficiency filter cloth. Multiple PM2.5 carbon filters.
Order the Marijuana Mask and Filters here.

Cheech and Chong Socks ($13.95)

Cheech and Chong Socks

Hey man, warm your tootsies in the uber cool Cheech and Chong socks!  Fits shoe size 7-12.  Order here.

Raw Rolling Tray Joint Rolling Kit ($13.99)

Raw Joint Rolling Kit

This super handy kit contains everything you need to roll great joints (except the weed).  Kit contains:  RAW rolling tray, 2 packs of raw classic 1 1/4 rolling papers, 2 packs of RAW original tips, a durable RAW 79 mm joint roller, "Roll With Us" doob tube.
 Order here.

Deluxe Silicone Pipe ($14.99)

Silicone Pipe for Smoking Marijuana

I love, love, love my silicone pipes and I am guessing your lucky gift recipients will too.  They are colorful (or not as your taste dictates), virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and perfect for travel.  This particular one comes with a removable glass bowl, a built in poker, and stash pocket.
Order the Silicone Pipe here.

Suddenly Stoned

I was highly skeptical (pun intended) of this game until I played it, but I am now a believer.  Roll a few doobies, gather together a few friends, and be prepared for an evening of hilarity with this simple but super fun party game.  More fun conversation starters than actual competition, Suddenly Stoned is nonetheless tons of fun!
Order Suddenly Stoned here.

Fire Dog Locking Smell Proof Marijuana Stash Bag

Keep your stash safe and stylish in this odor proof locking bag. Smell proof bag is made of Ultra-soft PU leather and lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric offering superior multi-purpose odor protection. Two compartments allow you to organize and easily separate items you store in the pouch. Features reinforced stitching and tight-seal zippers that are water-resistant.
Order the stash bag here.

My Cough Is Not from Corona Virus T-Shirt ($16.96)

My Cough is Not from Corona Virus T-Shirt

This 100% cotton t-shirt is definitely a timely gift for 2020.  Order here from Amazon.

Might Be Makeup Might Be Weed Cosmetic Pouch ($16.99)

might be makeup, might be weed cosmetic pouch

The makeup bag is lightweight, cute, and functional, for everything you need while going out or traveling.  Size is 9.8  x 7.5in. so it can easily carry cosmetics, makeup brushes, or of course, your cannabis stash.
Order here.

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter ($17.99)

SMoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

If you love to smoke but are afraid of telltale odors, you need the Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter.  This small long lasting filter works amazingly well.  Blow smoke in one end, it goes through the carbon filter and comes out clean.  Great for cannabis or tobacco!
Order here.

Pot Pockets ($20.00)

pot pockets hand crafted joint box

At a mere $20, these unique handcrafted wooden joint boxes make a hard-to-beat gift.  They tuck neatly into pocket or purse, hold 3 regular (or jumbo) joints, and their ingenious design never fails to elicit impressed oohs and ahhs.  

Available in regular, long, and “phat” versions, all sizes are the same price. Why? Because the company owner’s husband was tired of paying more for his XXL shirts and decided he was not going to similarly discriminate.  Likewise, he doesn’t care what size your smoking size preference is, all the boxes are the same price! (Yes this is a small Mom and Pop business you can feel good about supporting.)
Order from the Pot Pockets website.

Gifts for Cannabis Lovers Under $20.00

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  • Love everything you do , you make me a better cannabis cook thanks Cheri.try to buy the ardent but I don’t have a Secure credit card so I end up buying the LĒVO 2.trying it out now , I wish that thay would of except prepaid credit cardsso for now I will be content with the LĒVO, But the next product I buy will be the FX Ardent….some how I will find a wayThanks for all the Excellent learning experience, I in rolled in your gummies course and I couldn’t be happier ❤️❤️

      • Cheri, I put cannabis straight in 100 proof Voldka thinking that’s how you decarb it alcohol. It’s been in there for a couple of months and I shake it every day. I’ve since found out it doesn’t decarb that way. Should I just throw it all out? Or do you have any idea what I can do with it?

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