Stoner Stocking Stuffers: Cannabis Gift Picks


9 Great Cannabis Gift Picks

It’s that season again.  If your list is full of marijuana enthusiasts, shopping is easy.  There’s no stoner that does not appreciate some good buds.  Many also enjoy edibles, whether store bought or homemade (click for lots of marijuana recipes you can make and gift).

If you want to do some shopping however, here are some of my favorite cannabis gift picks of this year, from ALL ends of the price spectrum and designed to appeal to a wide variety of stoners of all tastes.

Happy Holidays!

All Around Best Cannabis Gift Pick for Marijuana Enthusiasts – Natural Cannabis High Society Monthly Gift Box Subscription

Stoner Stocking Stuffers: Cannabis Gift PicksThe ultimate gift for cannabis enthusiasts!  Four times a year Natural Cannabis Co (the same folks who brought you the Best of the Harvest Box) delivers a beautiful gift box full of best best of Northern California cannabis, including artisan grown flowers, concentrates, and edibles.  High Society members also get other benefits like invitations to special VIP events and product discounts.  If your gift recipient lives anywhere near one of Natural Cannabis’ locations in Oakland, Santa Rosa, or Healdsburg, CA, you’d be hard pressed to find a better present.  Price varies per quarter depending on content, but is always far below retail value of the sum of the box contents.

Cannabis Foodie Gift Pick: Gourmet Marijuana Dinner Experience

Cannabis infused Dish by Chef Andrea Drummer

Chefs all over the country are stepping up their games by creating special medicated fine dining experiences. These are multi-course prixe fixe gourmet infused meals where guests share an unforgettable evening enjoying 420 culinary art.  Two of my favorites here in Southern California are Chef Andrea Drummer of Elevation VIP (who prepared the dish in the photo above and was the winner of this year’s Culinary and Cannabis competition), and Chef Chris Yang of POPCultivate (who was one of my fellow judges in that same competition).  Drummer’s dinners are elegant intimate affairs.  A perfectionist, her thought provoking menus always reflect the culinary history behind her artistic contemporary gourmet fare.  Yang’s gatherings, held in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District are more casual affairs with guests gathering at friendly communal tables.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their own booze and bud (aside from what is infused in the food).  But casual and fun as the social atmosphere is, Yang’s food is no less gourmet.  Both chefs also cater private events, if you and your giftee want a special evening alone.

High Tech Cannabis Gift Pick: PAX Era Vape with Bloom Farms Concentrate

PAX era Vaporizer

I love the new PAX Era vape, but probably not for reasons techies will.  I like the PAX Era because it is discreet, lightweight, tiny, carries flat in a pocket or purse, is always ready on demand, hits exceptionally well, and uses cartridges of Bloom Farms CO2 oil, in my opinion some of the best quality on the market.  Techies on your cannabis gift list will love all its special features.  For one thing you can precisely control the temperature, not only the 3 default settings, but degree by degree.  It also has an app so you can control the vape from your phone, including monitoring use, and child proofing it so the vape won’t work in the wrong hands.  You can even use it to play games.  All that’s too much for me personally, but technophile or technophobe, the PAX Era is still a darn fine vaporizer.

Cannabis Gift Pick for Everyone: Dazey Hemp Skincare Products 

Dazey Hemp
With so many topicals on the market it’s hard to stand out, but Dazey Hemp, the brainchild of Country singer/songwriter Tonya Watts, does just that.  Organic, all natural, Dazey Hemp products combine hemp oil and healing dead sea minerals with healthy ingredients like turmeric and lavender oil.  Watts, a breathtaking beauty who looks far younger than her years, developed the products to enhance her anti-aging routine and to cure her rosacea.  The scent is terrific and moisturizing properties superb, without ever being greasy.

Cannabis Gift Picks for Bibliophiles

David Bienenstock, How to Smoke Pot ProperlyWhen it comes to cannabis gift picks, books always make a terrific choice.  Two of my favorites were published this year.  David Bienenstock’s How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High is an educational and entertaining general guide that covers a wide array of cannabis topics.  Warren Bobrow comprehensively covers the topic of mixing alcohol and cannabis in his book Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations.  Warren’s book includes lots of how to instructions for infusing alcohols and other popular cocktail mixers, along with 75 recipes for artisan drinks.

Cannabis Gift Pick for Cooks: Buzzworthy Bites Marijuana Leaf Cookie Cutter Set

marijuana leaf cookie cutter set - cannabis gift picksThere will be no doubt as to which cookies are medicated when you make them with this metal cookie cutter set that includes everyone’s favorite leaf in 3 progressive sizes.  This terrific cannabis themed gift is a must for any cannabis cook or baker.

Stoner Stocking Stuffer: Rasta Empire’s Smokin’ Socks

Cannabis Gift Picks - Smokin' Socks

Rasta Empire’s heavy cotton Smokin’ Socks, decorated with a whimsical marijuana leaf and joint pattern, will keep your giftee’s tootsies warm in fun, 420-style!

Best Bargain Gift: $6.00 Shirts’ Chicken POT Pie Shirt

Chicken POT Pie Shirt, Cannabis GiftsA perfect pairing to go with the Smokin’ Socks above, this humorous Chicken Pot Pie t-shirt  will especially appeal to marijuana loving mathematicians.  At a mere six bucks you can’t beat the price.

Gift for Smokers: Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

smoke buddy, gifts for marijuana smokersEven those well out of the cannabis closet may have instances when they prefer to be more discreet in their joint smoking activity.  For instance in a hotel room, in the car, when visiting the grandparents, etc.   The problem is the smell is always a dead giveaway. Not when the Smoke Buddy is on the job!  This little device really works.  Blow smoke in one side of the carbon filter and clean neutral air comes out there other.  Works with cigarettes too.  Comes in small travel size, and longer lasting large size.



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