Chameleon Glass Gandalf Pipe Review 

By Cheri Sicard
March 14, 2018

Chameleon's Glass Gandalf Pipe is one of my favorite all-time cannabis pipes, for many reasons. But let’s start with its  durability.

The first time I brought one home, my roommate said:

“It’s beautiful, but I give it about a week around our house. You know we can’t have nice things!”

Generally speaking, he’s right. We have prematurely sent many a glass pipe and bong to their graves.

We are not careful. We live in a house with all tile floors. We have two dogs, one with a whip-like tail that can clear a coffee table of its contents in seconds flat.  

And sure enough, within the first week, my beautiful Chameleon glass Gandalf pipe got knocked off the table.

Durable Glass Gandalf Pipes

When the glass hit the cold hard tile with the cling and clang of a dinner bell, I was sure it was a goner. But I was wrong! It didn’t break! WOW.

I would like to say this is the only time the pipe got dropped, but I would be lying. It happened at least 12 more times. Now the Chameleon glass Gandalf pipes are strong, but they are not indestructible. Around about the 13th drop, it did finally break. Nonetheless, we were SUPER IMPRESSED with the strength and durability of these pipes.

These Cannabis Gandalf Pipes Offer More Than Durability

These glass Gandalf weed pipes offer more than just durability. Their design is both aesthetically beautiful AND practical.  

The graceful long, curved stem cools the smoke so you don’t get the burn in the back of your throat that can be common with smaller, shorter pipes. Even harsh weed gets smoother when smoked through a Gandalf.

Marijuana Pipes, Chameleon Glass Gandalf Pipe

Color Changing Glass Gandalf Pipes

For a truly unique weed pipe, check out the clear pipe pictured above in the before and after photo.  It's  made from a unique color changing glass that gradually changes colors the more you smoke from it.  

The bottom pipe in the photo above is the exact same pipe after smoking a respectable number of bowls from it.

Clean the pipe and it goes back to clear and you can start all over again.

At under $35 it makes a unique, inexpensive stoner gift.

My first color changing Gandalf had one flaw.  The bowl was round so it rolled. BUT no more.  I just heard from the fine folks at Chameleon Glass and they said that because of my suggestion, they have redesigned the pipe to have a flat spot under the bowl. 

In my opinion, this change now makes this glass Gandalf pipe the perfect weed pipe!

The “Woody Gandalf” pictured below has a small glass “kickstand” that solves the rolling issue. You'll be smoking in style as the beautiful faux wood grain glass makes this a functional elegant glass art accessory to natural décor.

Chameleon Glass, a family-owned American company, makes lots of innovative glass products beyond the glass Gandalf pipes, so take some time and browse their website. There a good reason it has a ‘wish list” feature.

Chameleon's glass Gandalf pipe

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