Cannabis Product Reviews – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens 

By  Cheri Sicard

 June 20, 2018

Nobody was more surprised than my friends and I that we liked this product, but we do. We really do!

That’s because none of us are regular fans of fruit-flavored vapes, a product usually favored by cannabis newbies as opposed to the OGs. Likewise, I heard a collective groan from my testers when they found out what we were testing. I admonished the crew to keep an open mind and reminded them that even though fruit flavored vapes may not be your personal preference, a lot of people like them and a lot of folks appreciate the consistency they can expect from distillate.

I say all this to let you know that we went into testing the Ish O-Pen vapes with every preconceived notion and prejudice possible.

With trepidation, we picked a flavor and took a puff. The ceramic heating element provided robust hits of the flavored cannabis distillate vapor. Wow, this is not bad! Unlike other flavored vapes we have tried, Ish’s added flavors were not bold, not in your face.  That subtlety is a very good thing and what sets Ish apart from others that have reminded us of Kool Aid.

I tried the experiment again, without warnings, with another group consisting of seasoned regular marijuana users mixed with occasional users who will take a hit at a social event.  Everyone liked the Ish Pens again!

Ish O-Pen Vapes come in three varieties/flavors in 250 mg and 500 mg sizes:

Indica/Bavarian Cream – This one has a nice light sweet vanilla flavor and provided a relaxing nighttime high that helped me sleep well.

Sativa/Blue Raspberry – The fruitiest of the three, this will be popular for those easing their way into cannabis use. A light balanced buzz accompanies -- in a blind test I would have guessed it to be a hybrid.

Hybrid/Watermelon – Our favorite of the three, the fruit flavor is light but pleasant, the high is the perfect hybrid balance most of us are seeking for daytime and social use.

Of all the flavored vape pens I have tried to date -- and I have tried A LOT over the years, including a stint judging vape pens for the High Times Cannabis Cup -- I like these the best. Likewise, if you do enjoy flavored vapes, I predict you will love Ish.

Would I personally seek out this flavored vape? No.  Fruit-flavored weed is still not my thing. But I would definitely hit it if it were being passed.

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Ish O-Pen Vape Pens

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