Best Cannabis Travel Kits for Smokers or Dabbers 

By Cheri Sicard
January 5, 2022

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Traveling with Mary Jane presents questions and issues that regular travelers never think about, but well put together cannabis travel kits can solve a multitude of these problems.

Every marijuana user has experienced the phenomenon of “stoner sprawl.” I am talking about that cluttered mess of papers, pipes, lighters and other assorted paraphernalia that quickly overtakes any table top. 

When you’re traveling you are going to especially want to keep that clutter under control. A discreet smoking kit can really help.

Depending on where your travels take you, you might also be concerned about telltale odors that alert others you are traveling with Mary Jane. 

Well, worry no more. 

Introducing Happy Kits Cannabis Travel Kits

cannabis travel kit for dabbers

The Happy Kit contains everything a cannabis smoker needs in one small, packable smell-proof cannabis travel kit.

Keep in mind this discreet smoking kit also makes a terrific gift for any cannabis lovers in your life.

Before I get into the Happy Kit for smokers, I just wanted to mention that the folks at Happy Kit also make a Happy Kit for dabbers.  I am going to do a separate video on that in the future.  But for now, know that everything you need to dab on the go is on the tiny 420 travel kit for dabbers pictured above.

The Happy Kit 420 Travel Kit for Smokers

Cannabis Travel Kits - Happy Kit

OK, the happy Kit for smokers has everything a cannabis smoker needs.  Except the cannabis itself and a lighter. 

I suspect that is because of shipping regulations on lighters, but this 420 travel kit has plenty of room to add a lighter.  It also features a small zipper small-proof pouch to hold a small stash of cannabis.  So once you add these it has EVERYTHING you need.

In addition, you will find rolling papers, a doob tube (for your preroll), a metal poker to clean the pipes, a cigarette style metal one-hitter pipe, a small glass pipe, and a small grinder.

Perhaps the best thing about this weed travel kit is the case itself.  It is tough!  Really tough.  Nearly indestructible.  It also has a sealing zipper that keeps moisture out and odors in.

Whether you are out and about for the day or on a short trip, no more searching around for your smoking materials.  No more wondering where did you stash your pipe.  No more trying to improvise a poker or a grinder. 

Just reach for your Happy Kit and get the party started!

The Happy Kit Concentrate Travel Kit for Dabbers

Video coming soon.

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