Joy Organics CBD Salve Review 

By Cheri Sicard
March 13, 2019

Nobody is more surprised than me that I am writing this testimonial!

Cannabis Cheri Sicard reviews Joy Organics CBD Salve

In my work as a cannabis writer and educator (not to mention High Times Cannabis Cup judge multiple times), I have tried a LOT of cannabis topicals over the years. THC topicals, CBD topicals, THC and CBD combined topicals.  Lotions, salves, balms, bath soaks, lip balms, wrinkle serums, sunscreens, and more.

While a lot of them have been high-quality products made from quality ingredients, I couldn’t say my personal experience with any of them was life changing.  I heard from friends and readers whose opinions I trusted who had different experiences with various topicals, but I never found they did much for me personally.

Then I started making my own topicals.  I began to see and feel differences in both the level of my mild arthritis pain and in the appearance of my aging skin and I became a believer. In the process of developing my new online course DIY Cannabis Topicals for Home Consumers, I have come up with topicals in combinations and dosages that have made a remarkable difference in me and also in the conditions of my topicals recipe testers.

But so far, all my homemade topicals have used THC-rich formulas. So I was skeptical at best when the folks at Joy Organics sent me their CBD Salve to try.

Well, fate stepped in and proved Joy Organics CBD Salve’s efficacy to me.

For a number of years now, about once a month or so, I get an attack of severe and painful cramps in my feet and legs. It comes on out of the blue, usually at night, for no apparent reason. The only thing that has previously stopped these painful muscle cramps is a prescription pharmaceutical muscle relaxer.

Well, I found myself alone in a hotel room one night without my prescription when an attack hit. The ONLY thing I had with me was the sample jar of Joy Organics CBD salve that I had picked up at the post office on my way out of town.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I massaged the salve in and in about 5 minutes the cramps were gone and I was able to go back to sleep. Wow!

Thinking it could be a fluke, I didn’t want to write about it just yet. So I waited a few months.

During that period I had two more attacks. Again, I used nothing but the Joy Organics CBD salve and each time, in about 5 minutes, the cramps were gone. Third time’s a charm. I can no longer write it off as a fluke.

So I gave the jar to my roommate who also gets occasional nighttime cramps in his calves. It worked for him too.

I know everyone responds to cannabis differently and this is an example of but one condition. But I have to say, I was amazed at how well this CBD salve worked for me. If you suffer from muscle spasms, give it a try. It might just work for you too.

Check out Joy Organics CBD Salve here.

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