Drink Your Weed! – Favorite New Liquid Marijuana Edibles

Favorite Marijuana Drinks: Marijuana Edibles are now Sippable!

Favorite Marijuana Drinks: Marijuana Edibles are now Sippable!

I have been astounded lately at all the new innovations and terrific products in the commercial marijuana edibles industry.  But some of the best new marijuana edibles aren’t edible at all, at least not in the tradition sense.  They are sippable!

No matter what your taste and style, there is now a commercial cannabis edible to keep you both hydrated AND medicated.   Here are some favorites that have crossed my path lately here in Southern California.

Habit Cannabis Infused Sparkling Kiwi and Sparkling Strawberry Natural Sodas

I recently got to judge edibles at the High Times Cannabis Cup.  Out of all the entries, Habit’s Sparkling Kiwi Soda (pictured top row far left and far right) was my personal #1 Pick (overall the #1 award went to Ganja Grindz Spiced Apple Cider, see below, also excellent).  The Kiwi version was not overly sweet – unusual for any commercial soda — with just the right amount of fizz and a bright refreshing flavor.  The Strawberry variety was a little too sweet for my personal taste, but it was terrific mixed with mineral water for a spritzer.

Both varieties are made with real fruit, and you can taste the superior difference that comes with what.  I love that there is no high fructose corn syrup and there are only 75 calories in a 6 ounce serving of Kiwi (92 for strawberry).  Each 12 ounce bottle is medicated with 100 mg THC via solvent free cannabis oil.  There is a slight bitter undertone if you are really looking for it, but otherwise the cannabis flavor is nearly nonexistent.

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company Spiced Apple Cider

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company’s Spiced Apple Cider (pictured front row right) came in #1 in the recent Cannabis Cup I judged.  It is an excellent product.  There no taste of cannabis whatsoever.  I did find the buzz to be milder than expected from the 50 mg THC listed in a 1/2 bottle (4 ounce) serving, but that could be because it is offset by 5 mg CBD.  Made from Julian (CA) apples, mulling spices, cannabis, and nothing else, the flavor is outstanding!

Therapy Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee

Therapy Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee (pictured front row left) provides a delightful tiny little medicated sweet pick-me-up.  I love these for a late afternoon energy and caffeine boost.   It’s sweet and creamy covering two big indulgent cravings, but since it’s only a one ounce bottle containing a mere 28 calories, you don’t need to feel guilty.  They still manage to pack 35 mg THC in, with virtually zero cannabis flavor.

Secret Soda CBD Root Beer

Secret Soda’s CBD Hemp Root Beer (pictured back row, second from left) can compete on a flavor level with some of the best of the gourmet root beers on supermarket shelves.  This is a mild and easy way to introduce those hesitant to using cannabis, then graduate on to full cannabis plant CBD and/or THC products.  I am hoping this company will make such changes with the loosening of marijuana laws, as this would be a popular edible for those looking for for potency and full plant cannabis extractions.  As it stands, it’s still a refreshing tasty beverage.

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