Durban Mango Strain Review 

By  Cheri Sicard

Durban Mango -- A Marijuana Strain Full of Surprises!

Like most marijuana evaluations here at the Cannabis Cheri office, we started this one with aroma. And I have to say, we were not overly impressed. Durban Mango smelled of hay, grassy but dried grass with a slight undertone of lemon.

There’s a saying in the cannabis industry that “smell sells,” but this strain just goes to show that you can’t tell everything from a sniff. While the aroma underwhelmed, the Durban Mango came through in every other department, including flavor.

Not sure how we got big flavor from small smell, but the Durban Mango delivered lots of terpene induced nose tingling along with complex taste nuances of lemon, fruit, and flowers in its smooth smoke.

Under the scope the bud sports lots of long reddish blonde hairs scattered throughout nugs so covered in crystalline trichomes, they almost look furry. It took a few minutes for the buzz to slowly build but when it did it we felt a deep and strong sense of body relaxation, without becoming couch locked or groggy. In fact we felt almost energetic. A really nice balance!

I could find little information on the strain but I am assuming it is a cross between Durban Poison and Mango. My sample came from Nara Farms of Mendocino County as part of Natural Cannabis’ Best of the Harvest Box.

Durban Farms

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