Genius Pipe Review, Demo, and Coupon Code 

By Cheri Sicard
January 17, 2021

The Genius Pipe is unlike any other pipe you’ve seen.  For one thing, it does not even look like a pipe at all, making it instantly more discreet!

Be sure to watch the Genius Pipe review video above for a demo of how this unique cannabis pipe works.

I shared the Genius Pipe with a bunch of my regular product testers, meaning friends, family, and acquaintances who help me evaluate products, cause hey, it’s not ALL about just me. 

The people who immediately and fanatically fell in love with this product were the hikers, backpackers, and outdoorsy types.  And I mean they LOVED it, so much so that several of them went out that night and ordered a Genius pipe.

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to love the Genius Pipe, but if you are like my testers, you might especially be interested in the Genius Pipe.  

The hikers and backpackers in my crowd LOVED a lot of the Genius Pipe’s features, but especially:

  • The flat design that makes it easy to fit a fully loaded, ready to smoke pipe into a clothing pocket or backpack pocket.
  • The pipe, which keeps the cannabis covered while smoking except for a small cutout in the lid, is easier than most to light and smoke outdoors.  I know from experience this is a challenge every stoner hiker has experienced with regular pipes and joints. See the Genius Pipe review video above for a demo of how to light and smoke from the Genius Pipe.
  • When finished smoking, just slide the lid closed and you can slip the Genius Pipe back into a pocket or backpack without any worries of ash, soot, or smoky smell.
  • The Genius Pipe is all-metal, tough and durable with nothing on in it that can break.

But wait, there’s more to like about the Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

For one thing, there is no easier pipe to clean.  The magnetic anodized aluminum parts snap apart and snap back together instantly.  Everything is metal and flat.  A quick wipe of alcohol and the pipe is as clean as new!

And while you might have had bad experiences with metal pipes in the past getting too hot, that simply does not happen with the Genius Pipe.   That’s because of its unique dimpled design. 

The interior of the pipe sort of resembles the surface of a golf ball. That unique patented design creates millions of micro-vortices that cool and filter the smoke before it reaches your mouth.

That’s right, cool, filtered smoke without water!  And cooler smoke is healthier in that it reduces throat irritation.

And if all that weren’t enough, the Genius pipe is also sleek and stylish.  Pull it out in a crowd and it’s an instant conversation starter every time.  (Consider yourself warned.)

Coupon Code: Save on the Genius Pipe!

Save 10% off any order from Genius Pipes by entering the coupon code CHERI10 at checkout.

UPDATE -- The Genius Party Bowl!

Genius Pipe Party Bowl

If I had any complaint about the Genius Pipe, it was the small size of the bowl.  It was great for a couple of hits but not much more before you had to reload.  

Well, the folks at Genius listened to myself and others with this issue.  They came up with a nifty accessory, the Genius Party Bowl!  

Magnetic, just like the rest of the Genius Pipe, this metal collar just pops right onto the Genius Pipe and greatly expands the bowl's holding capacity.  


the Genius Pipe for smoking marijuana

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