Genius Vessel: Hand Blown Glass Wearable Cannabis Stash Containers 

By Cheri Sicard
August 12, 2020

Wearable cannabis stash containers?  Heck yes!

The Genius Vessel is a fun little stoner gift item that stores your cannabis stash in a stylish, portable, artisan glass vessel that you wear around your neck. 

A collaboration between the folks who brought you the Genius Pipe and glass artist Chris Patyk, each little glass vessel is a unique piece of wearable, functional art.

I love the Genius Pipe, and you can preload it before taking it out, but it only holds 3-4 hits.  Genius Vessel wearable cannabis stash containers are perfect accessories to take along that enable lots more seshes.  

Of course, you don’t have to use a Genius Pipe to use one of these nifty little weed holders.

According to the folks at Genius, this is a limited edition product, so get yours now.  They make terrific gifts for cannabis lovers and even for yourself.

Get 10% off any order from Genius, including the glass vessels, the Genius Pipe, the Genius Odor Eliminator Spray, and the Geniuswear Odor-Proof, Waterproof Backpack by using the coupon code Cheri10 at checkout.

Hand blown glass cannabis stash vessels by Genius

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