Grow Ace AirCube Hydroponic Grow System for Cannabis 

By Cheri Sicard
March 27, 2024

In recent posts and videos we have talked about why overall Mitch prefers hydroponic cannabis cultivation if you are going to grow indoors.  In that same post we also talked about the difference between deep  water and ebb and flow hydroponic growing for cannabis.

When it comes to hydroponics, Mitch was historically ahead of the trend, having built his own successful DIY ebb and flow hydroponics system over 30 years ago.  The crude but effective system fashioned from PVC pipes and plastic storage bins allowed him to discreetly produce some world class cannabis out of an apartment closet,

However that system took up a lot of space, was difficult to store when not in use, and had a LOT of parts and components to buy and keep track of.  But it did work great!

That’s why Mitch was so excited to discover the Grow Ace AirCube hydroponic system.  It is an ebb and flow system that functions much the way his homemade system used to, with a few improvements.  

Things we especially like about the GrowAce AirCube hydroponic grow system

  • It is customizable, meaning that it comes with six pots, but you could easily grow less in a smaller grow tent.  This is what we plan to show in upcoming videos of the grow in process.  Conversely, the system can expand and you can add up to 30 pots for a large hydroponic cannabis grow.
  • When not in use, everything packs small and neatly.  Get more details in the video above.
  • We like the 25-gallon reservoir a lot because it is plenty big enough to service the grow, but also because it collapses down like a pancake when not in use.
  • The AirCube “brain” with its built-in timer is a compact piece of equipment than manages the entire system and ebb and flow of the water.  The timer insures that the nutrient enhanced water ebbs in so that your plants can absorb the nutrients, and then flows out so they can get necessary oxygen, at proper intervals.
  • We love the fabric pots because the roots will fill the pots then start to grow outside the pots into the hard sized outer container of the AirCube.  Once the roots hit the air they self-prune, forcing new smaller roots to grow inside the pot.  In practical terms, this means less maintenance and you won’t get root bound like you can with other grow containers, such as the plastic pots typical of so many hydroponic systems.  With the Grow Ace AirCube system, the roots self cut as they grow beyond the confines of the pot.  The reason it’s important to encourage the growth of more, smaller and finer roots is that these are more adept at soaking up the nutrient solution. In fact many cannabis growers who grow in soil also favor fabric grow pots for the same reason.
  • The GrowAce AirCube system comes with complete instructions that make it simple and easy to set up. (details coming in future posts and videos).
  • We KNOW this method can produce some AMAZING cannabis, assuming you start with good genetics.

Learn more about (or purchase) the Grow Ace AirCube hydroponics grow system here.


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