How to Smoke in a Hotel Room: Must Have Travel Accessory 

By Cheri Sicard
September 21, 2022

I am frequently asked, is it possible to get away with smoking cannabis in a hotel room.  It’s a dilemma for cannabis using travelers.  How to smoke in a hotel room WITHOUT incurring an expensive fine, or worse, a visit from law enforcement.

I’m going to let you in on how I do it and I have never had a problem. 

Can I guarantee you absolutely won’t get caught using this method?  No.  I had a friend who got hit with a fine because the hotel said her clothes smelled like weed, even though she had not smoked in the room.  Some hotels are absurd.  BUT if you use this method you will highly decrease if not eliminate any issues.

So what is it?  A personal air filtration device called the Smoke Buddy.  It also works for cigarette smoke but see the video above for my caveats about smoking joints or cigarettes.  The Smoke Buddy only works for what you blow into it, not what is burning in the room.

How does the Smoke Buddy Work?

how to smoke in a hotel room with the Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is an upgrade of an OG stoner DIY solution called a spoof, but it works a million percent better.

 To make a spoof you take a cardboard tube, like from toilet paper or paper towels, and use a rubber band to attach a dryer sheet over one end.  You blow smoke into the other end.  The problem is, the spoof just masks the odor, it is still there.

Not so with the Smoke Buddy.  Inside is a carbon filter.  You blow smoke in one end and clean air comes out the other.  Genius!  Watch the video to see it in action.  You do not even see any smoke at all, let alone smell it.

Smoke Buddies come in regular, small, or jumbo sizes.  They don’t last forever, but they last a LONG time, over 300 breaths on the regular size Smoke Buddy.

I never travel without mine and so far I have never had an issue.

More tips for how to smoke in a hotel room:

  • Use a pipe or a one hitter, the Smoke Buddy only filters what is blown into it, not what is burning between hits.
  • Be low key in general to avoid getting fined on circumstantial evidence like my friend above.  In the hotel don’t wear pot leaf shirts, jewelry, etc.
  • If you want to be super cautious stand by an open window or turn on the bathroom vent fan and light your pipe and blow out in there, however when using the Smoke Buddy, I don’t find this necessary.
  • Replace your Smoke Buddy before needed.

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