Kush Cards & Gift Wraps for 420 Celebrations All Year Long 

By Cheri Sicard
July 28, 2021

The folks at Kush Kards have come out with a super fun line of greeting cards and gift wraps to help you celebrate in 420 style no matter what the occasion.

While I show their elegant black and gold themed gift bag and gift wrap in the video, know that these come in a rainbow of colors.

Kush Kards Marijuana Themed Gift Wrap

But what I really liked was Kush Kards line of whimsical greetings cards.  They have them for just about any occasion, including no occasion, so you can always have a way to make your cannabis loving friends feel special.  The cards come with a built-in gift in the form of a one hitter cigarette style pipe, that the lucky recipient can use over and over again.

At just $7.00 for the colorful card and pipe, these are cute little gifts to keep on hand for anytime you need a stoner gift in a hurry.  They even offer a special line of Tommy Chong branded cards too.

Check out Kush Kards and order here.

Kush Kards Gift Wrap and Greeting Cards for 420 Celebrations All Year Round

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