Grow Light Review: Vivosun 1000w LED Grow Light 

By Cheri Sicard
October 19, 2021

As I write this review, Amazon has Vivosun 1000 Grow Light discounted $20.00, so know that it does periodically go in sale.  Check current price here.

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There are a few differences between the Vivosun 1000 LED grow light and other 1000 series grow lights we have tested.  Some we liked, others will have to wait to be evaluated until we actually do a grow with this light.

This is a great light for a 2X2 grow tent or very small space grow.  It will successfully grow one, possibly two plants.

We like that Vivosun included protective eyewear with the light.  This is highly recommended whenever working with these bright LED grow lights, but nobody else seems to include them.

The full spectrum light contains 301 Samsung Diodes.  As Samsung is the industry leader, this bodes well.

It has a Sosun driver, which we have not previously tried, so stay tuned on that.

This is the first light we tested that does not have a shroud or frame around it.  We think this is a good idea as it saves weight.

The light is painted black, which is probably not a great idea as it runs a few degrees hotter than other similar lights.  Not the end of the world, but all things being equal, cooler is better. Check out or comparisons on this page.

Vivosun also chose to cover their ballast, which again makes for a little more heat.  But we will reserve judgement until we put it to actual use.

The other difference we saw was in the Vivosun dimmer switch, with goes in 25 point increments: 25%, 50% 75% and 100%.  Mitch thinks this is a not  a huge deal as this is a factor you do not need to be super specific about and the increments make it simple and take away guesswork.

Vivosun 1000 LED Grow light

Vivosun 1000 LED Grow Light PAR Meter Test Results

In addition to taking a good look at the light and how it is built, we used a PAR meter to compare some popular LED light brands.  

If you don’t know what a PAR meter is, read this page in its entirety and you will become an expert on the topic of using LED lights to grow cannabis. But for those who want to get straight to the point, the chart below is what we found (by the way, sign up here to be alerted when we add new brands and LED grow lights to the chart, as we do so frequently.

Using a PAR meter inside of a 2x2 tent (perfect for small home grows), we checked the amount of light falling at 17 different locations within the tent.  The chart below shows how much light the PAR meter detected from each light at 12, 18, and 24 inches above the meter.

To see how this light compared to other similar lights, see our LED Grow Light feature.

Vivosun 1000 LED Grow Light Par Meter test

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