Cannabis Cooking Gadgets: Levo vs Magical Butter Machine vs Ardent FX and Nova 

By Cheri Sicard
September 27, 2020

I have been putting off writing this post/recording this video for a long time.  That’s cause I usually only do product reviews of things we like and if I am not a fan of a product I generally just decline to review it or talk about it.  But I am asked about the Magical Butter Machine and the Levo Infuser so often, I felt I might as well just share my thoughts on them once and for all.

When it comes to cannabis cooking gadgets, I want to stress right off the bad that you don’t actually NEED any of them.  You can make perfectly fine edibles using ordinary kitchen equipment, meaning stove and pots and pan, or a slow cooker is nice.  But you don’t need anything special to cook with cannabis, so if one more person tells me they are waiting until this or that gadget arrives to start, I am going to pull what little hair I have left, out. 

In fact I strongly suggest you try cannabis cooking out with what you already have on hand before investing in ANY sort of gadget.  What if you don’t like cooking with cannabis? You’ve wasted a whole bunch of money.

Ardent FX and Ardent Nova

Ardent FX Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

Anyone who has been following me for any length of time knows that I am a BIG FAN of Ardent cannabis and their Nova and their new FX.  In fact, these are the ONLY cannabis cooking gadget that I personally use in my kitchen and recommend to others.  These gadgets are great because their multi-task – infuse and decarboxylate (you can even cook and bake in them although I usually don’t as I have a kitchen).  I especially like their small sizes, they do not take up a lot of kitchen real estate.  Learn more at this link.

Levo and Magical Butter Machine

So what’s wrong with the Levo and the Magical Butter Machine?  Nothing, if you like them.  They are well made and if they function to your liking, by all means use them.  That said,  for me personally, both of these product have fatal flaws that would cause me personally not to buy them.  And I if I would not personally buy it, I can’t in good conscience recommend someone else buy it (even though I would make a bunch of money if I did).

Magical Butter Machine – The MBM forces you to finely grind the plant material, something I do not recommend.  Why? Because it deposits more plant material in the infusion which is not great for flavor.  Sadly, the MBM does not have a way to bypass this function, and I likewise do not recommend it because of this.

Levo – The Levo looks beautiful and functions well EXCEPT it severely limits the amount of cannabis you can cook with at a time (no more than 1/8th ounce, I believe they have an optional infuser that goes up to a quarter).  Personally I never cook with under a 1/2 ounce and often do an ounce or more.  I know several pain patients who need strong doses who are unable to make them with the Levo.  

Even if you do not need a strong individual dose, I always recommend making STRONG infusions so that you can use less of them in your recipes, again for better flavor. The Levo, for me, does not cut it for this reason. Read more on improving edibles’ flavor here.

So that is why you never hear me talk about the Levo or the Magical Butter Machine, but since my email regularly gets questions about them, these are my thoughts on them.

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