Children’s Cannabis Books: What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden? 

By Cheri Sicard
November 27, 2019

OK, I have to admit when I started reading this book, I thought the plot was a little thin.


The plot would have been extremely thin, IF this book had been meant for me. But it isn’t. It’s meant for very young children, say the under 5 set.

Children's cannabis books are rare.  But when done well they can be useful tool for cannabis consuming parents and grandparents.

Why? Because good children's cannabis book opens the door to open and honest communication.  They makes a terrific way for parents and grandparents to have a conversation with young children about cannabis and medical marijuana in an age-appropriate manner.

Author, Susan Soares, is a friend of mine, and she is indeed a grandmother and an outspoken medical marijuana advocate.  She she has dealt with these issues first hand with both her children and now her grandchildren.

Susan came from a very conservative and religious background, so cannabis was definitely NOT a part of her life growing up. In fact Susan and I have a lot in common in that we both started using cannabis for medical conditions, and it helped us so much, it turned us both into cannabis advocates and enthusiasts. (Check out Susan’s educational organization here.)

Susan also has a lot in common with my late grandmother in that they are both loving beautiful women who nurtured their grandchildren with homemade healthy foods and taught them about gardens and growing food. But much as I might wish she had, my grandmother never grew cannabis, so Susan’s grandkids are ahead of the game!

I love this book because it treats the subject of cannabis as it should be, namely an everyday healthy part of life. Susan is not drawing undue attention to it. It’s growing there in her garden where some things are for everyone, and some things are just for grownups.

In the book, grandchild and Grandma work in the garden weeding, monitoring insects, picking vegetables, and cooking together afterward including food for the kids and grandma’s special smoothie. Sometimes Grandma makes medicine with her special plants.

The book makes a wonderful introduction to cannabis in a very low key, age-appropriate manner. Young children may or may not be already aware of the fact that Grandma, or Mom and Dad, are using cannabis for medicine and for things that adults do to relax. Here’s a terrific way to talk more about it and open up a realistic dialogue.

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