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Compassion Edibles Sea Salt Caramel Bar

Compassion Edibles Sea Salt Caramel Bar

I have been having a great time lately as I had the “job” of sampling a variety of products from Compassion Edibles (I know, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it).  While I haven’t tried EVERYTHING in this company’s substantial line of products, I did mange to try a lot of them.  Below are my favorites (so far).

Overall consumers can expect a high quality product from this California bay area company that produces a wide variety of offerings, both sweet and savory.

I love the detailed labeling that gives consumers a clear snapshot of what to expect by way of dosage.  Also the “born on” date that accompanies each package’s testing data lets you know that what was tested is what’s in the package and not just reprinted data from who knows when.  I also like the fact that most of their products come in different dosages, so consumers can make informed choices based on their individual needs.

My favorite Compassion product by far so far is the Salted Chocolate Caramel Bar.  In my opinion, there are few commercial edibles with any potency that are also delicious enough to want to eat them even if they weren’t medicated, but Compassion’s Salted Caramel Bar is definitely one of the best of this exclusive category!  Creamy, buttery caramel enveloped in high quality dark chocolate is always a flavor winner, but adding a touch of sea salt takes it to new heights.  Exercise caution, the tantalizing sweet/salty combo will tease your taste buds and before you know it you could easily consume too big a dose.

Compassion Edibles Tainted Truffle

Compassion Edibles Tainted Truffle

The company is best known for their line of “Tainted Truffles.”  Packaged 2 to a box, these are satisfying decadent treats made with high quality chocolate and creamy, smooth buttery fillings.  Available in a variety of flavors in regular (100mg) or super (225 mg) strength, these are some powerful candies.  My advice is to stick to the stronger flavors, like Double Chocolate, as delicate flavors like Pistachio can get overwhelmed by the green flavor of cannabis, especially in the super strength version.

My other favorite selections were in the savory snack category, something far under represented in the usual array of edibles at most dispensaries.  Sure anyone with a sweet tooth can easily find a variety of sugary edibles to satisfy it, but if your snacking tastes run towards the salty side, you are usually out of luck.  No More!  Try Compassion’s Baked Tortilla Crisps, Bagel Chips, or Pita Crisps for a satisfying snack without the sugar rush.  I loved these crunchy nibbles that barely have any flavor of cannabis yet still pack between 140-150 mg THC.

Compassion Edibles Honey Oat Granola

Compassion Edibles Honey Oat Granola

Last but not least, Compassion’s Honey Oat Granola is another great product to check out (available in 140 mg and 225 mg versions).  It makes a terrific guilt free snack eaten out of hand, or mix it with milk or yogurt and fruit for a light healthy medicated meal.

So were there any Compassion Edibles products I didn’t like?  Yes.  The Baklava sounded great to me, in theory.  But I found it far too green tasting and greasy for my taste.  That said I have several friends who LOVE it, so like anything else, keep in mind reviews are subjective to the reviewer.

Find Compassion Edibles at select dispensaries.  Click here for more information and a directory.

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