Weed Gifts for Dad: Great DIY Projects and Gift Picks for Father’s Day 

By  Cheri Sicard

Hard to believe it is almost Father's Day!  Are you looking for great weed gifts for dad?  You've come to the right place.  Let's celebrate the dank dads in your life with a Cannabis Father's Day!

Of course, if Dad likes edibles, my latest book The Easy Cannabis Cookbook (2018, Rockridge Press) , would be a welcome gift.  Or if your Dad REALLY loved to cook, consider enrolling him in my online course Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks.

But this post is about more than pitching my books and courses (although I am quite proud of them).  I have some great DIY Father's Day gifts you can make yourself, along with some fun shopping picks. If the dads in your life like cannabis, you have come to the right place! Read on!

DIY Weed Gifts for Dads!

How to Make Marijuana Beef Jerky

Marijuana Beef Jerky

Marijuana Beef Jerky is my new favorite edible!  It’s portable and needs no refrigeration. It’s the perfect medicated on-the-go snack.  It also makes a thoughtful gift for carnivorous edibles lovers!

Pipe Saver Ashtrays

DIY Pipe Saver Ashtrays Eliminate Broken Glass Pipes
Using glass glue, a champagne cork, and an inexpensive glass ashtray, you can make mom an ashtray that will protect dad's glass pipes from the horror of broken glass!

Marijuana Brownies
Pot Brownies: They're a Classic for a Reason!

Why not whip up a batch of cannabis-infused brownies for dad?  My Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Brownies feature has recipes for lots of different variations!

DIY Marijuana Body Butter - Free Tutorial Download
Marijuana Body Butter

My amazing whipped Cannabis Body Butter soothes aches and pains while it moisturizes dry skin.  Add some spicy scented essential oils and you have a DIY gift dad will use every day.  My Free tutorial shows you how to make it.

Marijuana Massage Oil

DIY Pain relieving Marijuana and Frankincense Massage Oil

This cannabis topical is super easy to make.  You can customize in dad's favorite scent.  (Mom my resent you for putting her to work using it, but dad will be super relaxed.)

Perfectly Rolled Joints

How to Roll a Perfect Joint

If dad loves to smoke, why not give him a box full of perfect prerolls?  Or the tools to easily roll his own anytime.  Whether you do the rolling or dad does, the video a the link above will show you how and has links to everything you will need.

Cannabis Father's Day Weed Gifts for Dad Shopping Picks

Short on time?  Order it!  Here are some of my favorite Father's Day gift picks, in no particular order.

Weed Dad humorous t-shirt

Weed Dad T-Shirt

Father's Day weed shirts make great gifts.  If your dank dad is on a whole other level, this is the weed shirt for him!

Father's Day Weed Socks
Weed Socks!  What dad wouldn't love a variety pack of stylish ganja leaf socks?  At just $12.99 for a pack of 4, these fun accessories are also a bargain.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch

This is one of my personal favorite products that I love it because of its versatility.  You cannabis loving dad is also sure to love this fabulous accessory.  The Dr. Dabber Switch vapes BOTH flowers OR concentrates in one easy to use, torchless, self-contained device.  Genius!  
For 15% off any order from Dr. Dabber, including the fabulous Dr. Dabber Switch enter the code CHERI15 at checkout.

David Bienenstock, How to Smoke Pot Properly
How to Smoke Pot (Properly) - A High Brow Guide to Getting High
by Davd Bienenstock
This fund and educational cannabis book is an excellent general guide to marijuana by someone who has been in the weed scene for decades and has lived through the changes and known the major players every step of the way.

Mars Hydro Tent Kit

Help Dad Grow His Own Indoors with a Kit from Mars Hydro

This entry level kit from Mars Hydro has everything Dad needs to grow his own including an energy efficient LED grow light, filter, fan, ventilation ducting, timer, thermometer/hygrometer, hangers, and grow bags, all housed in a small, discreet, tent you can tuck most anywhere.

Marijuana Leaf Suit - pants and sport coat

Suit Up!

If your dad is more formal, perhaps a full marijuana suit will be to his liking?  Ok this not a gift for the average weed dad, but I do know a few who would proudly rock this look!

Weed Gifts for Dad for Father's Day

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This post was originally published on May 23, 2019.

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