Marijuana Gift Guide: 17 Gifts for Cannabis Lovers Under $20.00!


Low Cost Cannabis Gifts
It’s an age-old dilemma.  Paul Simon even sings about it in Getting Ready (for Christmas Day).  Too much holiday spending and not enough cash.

But it doesn’t even have to be in December.  You can find yourself strapped and needing a gift any time of year.

We all know it’s the thought that counts (or at least we should).  Nonetheless, creative shoppers can always find fun gifts that don’t cost a lot.  The gift picks on this page all cost $20.00 or less — some of them MUCH less, there’s even one for a buck!  Besides making something yourself (find suggestions in the DIY section of this website), there’s no more economical way to show your cannabis-loving loved ones some love, no matter what time of year!

Cannabis Gifts Under $20.00*

(*in ascending order of price as of the time of writing, prices change with time, so take the ones in this post as approximate)

Clipper Refillable Lighters

Clipper Refillable Lighters

Environmentally conscious smokers will want to ditch their Bics and instead carry a Clipper Refillable Lighter.  Available in a seemingly infinite variety of styles and colors, these inexpensive lighters can do a lot to cut down on waste as you can easily refill them and even replace the flints so they can be used over and over and over again. Genius!

High-quality Clipper lighters have been made in Barcelona, Spain since 1959, and are popular (and collectible) worldwide. I am not sure why they have not caught on in the states like they should.  The lighters are so inexpensive, you can afford to throw in some lighter fluid and extra flints and your loved one will think of you every time they light up for years!

$1.00 and up depending on quantity
Clipper Refillable Lighters at

Marijuana Socks!

Marijuana Socks

Socks are one of those gifts that, under normal circumstances, fail to elicit much excitement.  But that’s all changed when you give some cannabis socks. has a HUGE collection of different styles and colors of marijuana socks.  Most of them are extremely inexpensive (as low of $3.00 a pair when you by multi-packs).  It’s hard to find a better, low cost stoner stocking stuffer.

$3.50 a pair and up
Marijuana Socks at

Medical Marijuana Pencil Case

medical marijuana pencil case
Even though this cute little zippered pouch, made from recycled materials, is billed as a “pencil case,” I find it a perfect size to store my dab tools!

Medical Marijuana Pencil Case

Weed Money Coin Purse

Low Cost Cannabis Gifts
This handy little purse, made of recycled materials, can hold more than coins.  You could put a small day-trip travel stash in there too.  These are so fun and so handy, I was once at a festival and about 5 different women pulled these out of their purses.  It’s the perfect fun little present for cannabis enthusiasts.

Weed Money Coin Purse

Stoner Coloring Book for Adults

Stoner Coloring Books for Adults

The perfect way to settle down and chillax for the evening so grab some “buds”, some junk food and get lost in this trippy Psychedelic dream. This book features 25 hand-drawn designs featuring cute, stoner creatures with big glassy eyes. Each page is printed single sided and on both black and white pages so there are 50 pages in all.

Little Box of Weed Magnetic Poetry

arijuana Magnetic Poetry

A cute little tin filled with stoner-friendly words. 72 themed magnetic word tiles packaged in a small, giftable, shrink-wrapped tin container. Rearrange the words to write poems, messages to your roommates, or generative esoteric word art masterpieces whose meaning is lost even to you. Magnetic Poetry is both a creative writing aid, and just a really fun and limitless toy.  Mix and match with other magnetic poetry sets.

Peace & Love Nonslip Kitchen Mat or Bath Mat

Marijuana Bath Mat or Kitchen mat
Vibrantly colored soft rug/mat is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Made from high-quality soft flannel with an anti-slip backing.  The absorbent mat will keep your floors dry and clean, the memory foam will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud.
Home Stores Memory Foam Marijuana Kitchen Mat/Bath Mat

Dope on a Rope Soap

Dope Soap on a Rope
Special soaps have always been popular gifts and now Mary Jane gets in on the party with these handmade all-natural Cannabis Leaf Soap on a Ropes available in a variety of scents and colors.  High-quality soap is crafted from all natural oils of coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, sustainable palm oil, and safflower oil.

Dope Soap on a Rope

Raw Rolling Kit Bundle

Raw Rolling Kit Bundle
Everyone needs a kit like this is their lives!  Contains a stylish Raw rolling try, an indispensable joint roller that makes rolling perfect joints super easy, and two packs of premium organic hemp Raw rolling papers.  Just add weed!

Raw Rolling Kit Bundle

Marijuana Shower Curtain

Marijuana Shower Curtain

This whimsical waterproof polyester fabric shower curtain will add a touch of green and a relaxing vibe to any bathroom.

Marijuana Shower Curtain

Marijuana Laptop Sleeve

Marijuana Laptop Sleeve carries a big variety of cannabis-themed covers for electronics at varying prices.  My personal favorite, the kitschy crab and cannabis Mac Book sleeve above, is just $14.00.

$10.00 and up.
Marijuana Laptop Sleeves at

Illuminated Jeweler’s Loupe with Carrying Case

Illuminate Jeweler's Loop, cannabis gifts under $20While this is a must-have accessory for anyone who grows cannabis, everyone can have fun examining the beautiful crystalline forests of trichomes on their stash.  This is a nice one as it comes with a travel case to protect the lens and LED/UV illumination.

Wesley’s Illuminated Jeweler’s Loupe and Case

Marijuana Doggy T-Shirt

Marijuana Doggy T-Shirt

Don’t forget your Best Bud this holiday season.  Keep Fido outfitted in stoner style in this whimsical, yet understated, t-shirt.

Marijuana Doggy T-Shirt

Classic OG Zippo Lighter with Pot Leaf Embellishment

Marijuana Leaf Zippo Lighter

Some things are classics for a reason, like the ever-enduring Zippo Lighter. One of the most recognized brands in the world, Zippo was founded in 1932!  This elegant brushed chrome design goes with everything and features all metal construction and Zippo’s windproof design that works virtually anywhere.  It’s refillable for a LIFETIME of use.  Yes, you read that right.  Zippo offers a LIFETIME guarantee on their products.  Throw in a bottle of lighter fluid and make a gift pack!

Classic Zippo Pot Leaf Lighter

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

smoke buddy, gifts for marijuana smokersEven those well out of the cannabis closet may have instances when they prefer to be more discreet in their joint smoking activity.  For instance in a hotel room, in the car, when visiting the grandparents, etc.   The problem is the smell is always a dead giveaway. Not when the Smoke Buddy is on the job!  This little device really works.  Blow smoke in one side of the carbon filter and clean neutral air comes out the other.  Works with cigarettes too.  Comes in small travel size, and longer lasting large size.
$11.50 – $16.00
Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

THC Molecule Coffee Mug

THC Coffee Mug
For the science geeks in the crowd, this delightful THC molecule mug shows cannabis support in an understated, intellectual way.

THC Molecule Mug

Hippie Butler Roller’s Club Gift Box

Hippie Butler Roller's Box

If you know people who prefer their weed the old-fashioned way, via joints,  this inexpensive gift box beats the heck out of a fruitcake.  The Roller’s Club Box is available as a one time purchase or a monthly subscription.  Each box contains an assortment of goodies including a glass piece/pipe, wraps and/or rolliing papers, and other items smokers use.  Mine had after smoking candies that combat dry mouth, a Clipper refillable lighter (see above in this post), a glass pipe, prerolled cannabis crutches/filters, a nice assortment of rolling papers, wraps, and cones, and more.  What you get more than justifies the cost, which is not usually the case when buying gift boxes/baskets.
Hippie Butler Roller’s Club Gift Box

(This post contains some affiliate links.  If you make a purchase, I get a commission, which in turn, helps me keep this site running. However, know that I NEVER endorse products I don’t personally use and like.)


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