Marijuana Odor Control: Genius-Fresh Odor Eliminator Spray 

By Cheri Sicard
July 15, 2020

From the folks that brought you the ingenious Genius Pipe, and Genius-Wear Odor-Proof, Water-Proof Backpack comes Genius-Fresh Odor Eliminator spray.   This is NOT just an air fresherner that masks odors.  Rather it eliminates odors at a molecular level, and as I show in the video, all it takes is a single spray and a few seconds.

Unlike some other odor control sprays I have tried, this one's scent did not overpower and did not leave me with a headache.  Which is not to say it is scent-free, it isn't, but this one does not seem to linger as long, or overpower the room.

Made with cosmetic grade fragrance oils, this product is oil based, so take care around floors as it can be slippery, also don't spray on leather, plastics, vinyl, wood, or painted surfaces.  Honesly, you need so little at a time, I don't see where this would be aproblem, but as the company felt the need to put out the disclaimer, they must have had an issue.

I'll be tucking this little bottle into my luggage the next time I travel for sure!

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Marijuana Product Review - Genius Fresh Odor Eliminator

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