Marijuana Product Demos: Dr. Dabber Switch Vapes Flowers and Extracts 

By Cheri Sicard
February 19, 2020

Be sure to watch the video above to see the Switch by Dr. Dabber in action vaping both flowers and wax extract concentrate.  I also demo its fabulous self-cleaning feature!

The Switch is one of my personal favorite products for a variety of reasons:

  • Versatility – It vapes both marijuana flowers as well as concentrates, making it a portable dab rig (in addition to vaping your plant material).
  • Quality -- The heating unit was designed and developed in the US and features advanced electronics that create a high frequency alternating magnetic field that is absorbed by the induction cups and creates heat. There are NO Electrical Connections that can wear out or break over time.
  • Faster Heating – All those fancy electronics means the Switch comes up to proper temperature FAST!
  • Charging – You’ll never be disappointed with a vape that has lost its charge again as you can even use the Switch while it is charging.
  • Precision Temperatures – The Switch comes with 5 preset temperature settings that I usually use, but it also has 25 advanced power settings that let you choose the temperature to the exact degree. The Switch also automatically cools down after every heating cycle.
  • Self-Cleaning – One of my favorite features of all, the Switch has an amazing high temperature self-cleaning feature.  With the click of a button all leftover vaping residue is burnt off.
  • Psychedelic Lights – Think of it as a modern day lava lamp, the switch comes with 25 programmable light patterns that you can even leave on when not in use. There’s also a stealth mode for when you don’t want any lights at all.

Save on the Dr. Dabber Switch!

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The Switch by Dr. Dabber flower and concentrate vaporizer
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