Marijuana Product Reviews: Pot Pocket Handcrafted Joint Boxes


Pot Pocket handcrafted joint container
What is a Pot Pocket?  A handcrafted wooden joint box.  Had I discovered this little gem before I compiled last year’s holiday gift guides, it would have surely made the cut. But I didn’t. At $20 retail (as of this writing), it’s a terrific inexpensive little gift for those who prefer their cannabis rolled into cigarettes.

This ingenious hand made portable wooden joint case stores three joints in three separate self-closing compartments (although if you roll on the thin side it can hold double that). Smaller than a deck of cards, it fits easily in a pocket or purse.

The Pot Pocket’s creative design is always a conversation starter, just bend to open. But beyond its handmade style, the holder serves a practical purpose for those who don’t like to smoke the whole joint at once. Simply put the partially toked doobie back in the box for mess-free and (almost) odor free storage, until you are ready to finish the job.

Available in regular, long, and “phat” versions, all sizes are the same price. Why? Because the company owner’s husband was tired of paying more for his XXL shirts and decided he was not going to similarly discriminate.  Likewise, he doesn’t care what size your smoking size preference is, all the boxes are the same price!
For more information or to order, visit the Pot Pocket website.

Pot Pocket Portable Joint Case


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