Marijuana Tablecloths and Runners: 420 Party Decor 

By  Cheri Sicard

Set the table with Mary Jane by starting with one of these fabulous marijuana tablecloths or cannabis table runners.  No matter what your style, from whimsical to elegant, or what your taste, from subdued and understated to wild and in-your-face, there is a marijuana tablecloth to fit the bill.

Whether you are a chef creating infused dinners, or a home enthusiast with a penchant for pot parties, these tablecloths set the mood!

Marijuana Tablecloths

Photo realistic marijuana tablecoth

This elegant table covering features a forest of photo-realistic cannabis plants.

vintage style Reefer Madness tablecloth

Reefer Madness propaganda posters adorn this vintage style marijuana tablecloth.

You're Friends Aren't Funny marijuana tablecloth
This pot party tablecloth is brutal in its honesty...or humor...or honest humor: "Marijuana" Because Your Friends Aren't Funny."

Marijuana Words Tablecloth

Expand your marijuana vocabulary while eating dinner with this whimsical tablecloth covered in weed words.

Classic green and black marijuana leaf tablecloth

For a dramatic look, choose this classic green on black marijuana tablecloth.

Monkey wearing a marijuana t-shirt tablecloth

I just love this funky surreal marijuana monkey tablecloth!

Multi Colored Marijuana Leaves Tablecloth

Brighten up the table with multi-colored pot leaves!

Sport your psychedelic style with this far-out multi-colored marijuana tablecloth.

Shades of Green Pot Tablecloth

This bright cannabis tablecloth in shades of green is fresh as spring day!

Single Marijuana Leaf Tablecloth

This huge marijuana leaf tablecloth makes a big, bold statement.

Blue Dream Marijuana Tablecloth

Are you blue? Not when you cover your table with Blue Dream marijuana leaves.

Rainbow Pot Leaves Marijuana Tablecloth

This cannabis tablecloth is so light, bright, and understated, you have to look twice to see these rainbow leaves are actually pot leaves.

Tropical marijuana leaf tablecloth

There's an understated elegance to this beige backed tropical marijuana leaf tablecloth.

Cheech and Chong marijuana tablecoth

Who wouldn't want a Cheech and Chong marijuana tablecloth?

Classic paisley gets a very Mary Jane update in this understated marijuana tablecloth.

Tapestry marijuana tablecloth

Rock your 60s vibe with this tapestry style marijuana tablecloth.

Marijuana Table Runners

Not ready to commit to an entire marijuana tablecloth?  Consider a table runner instead.  Either on a plain table or paced over another solid colored cloth, these marijuana table runners add splashes of stoner style to your room.

geometric design marijuana leaf table runner

Contemporary design shines in this geometric green and black marijuana leaf table runner.

Multiple shades of green enhance this leafy table runner.

green and black marijuana leaf table runner

The classic green on black look in a table runner design.

golden ganja leaves table runner

This unique table runner sports golden ganja.

Transport your decor to Jamaica with this iconic colored table runner.

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collection of marijuana tablecloths

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