Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters Bring Stoner Style to the Party 

By  Cheri Sicard

 November 27, 2017

For lots of folks, the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" has become a big part of the holiday tradition.  Each friend tries to outdo the other by donning their "gay apparel" in the form of snuggly warm, but outrageously kitschy, holiday sweaters and sweatshirts.

Well friends of Mary Jane, you can now be part of this tradition!  Check out this virtual fashion show of kitschy cannabis ugly Christmas sweaters!  My favorite of all is the Christmas Ornament adorned "Happy Holidaze" sweater above, but there are a surprising number of choices when it comes to Marijuana Ugly Christmas sweaters.  The links on this page will take you to purchase information, in case you just gotta have it!

Happy Holidze Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

Traditional patterns get a marijuana makeover in this awesome sweater!
Happy Holidaze Sweater

Red and Green unite in this classic jacquard pattern men's crew neck Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater by Alex Stephens.
Red and Green Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let's Get Bakes Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Nothing says Christmas quite like Fresh Baked Gingerbread!
Let's Get Baked Gingerbread Man Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merryjuana Christmas Ugly Sweater
Have a Merryjuana Christmas in this classic black style that's anything but ordinary.
Merryjuana Christmas Sweater

Subset of Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts!

Marijuana Christmas Ugly Sweater

Classic Ugly Christmas Sweater style in an easy to wear sweatshirt.
Ugly Sweater Style Sweatshirt

Alpaca Nother Bowl Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

Excellent idea!  Your friends will think so too, once they stop laughing.
Alpaca Nother Bowl Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt.

All I want for Christmas Is Legalization Now sweatshirt
There's even an Ugly Marijuana Christmas Sweater (or I should say sweatshirt in this case) for the activists in the crowd!
All I want for Christmas is Legalization Now Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Let's Get Baked Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt
Here's another take on the Let's Get Baked/Gingerbread Man theme, this time in a sweatshirt.
Let's Get Bakes Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Green is the color of the season!
Happy Holidaze Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

This one is a cornucopia of joyous weed and holiday images!
Leaping Reindeer and Bongs Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Have a very Merryjuana Christmas in this snuggly sweatshirt.
Merryjuana Christmas Sweatshirt

Merry Cannabis Christmas Sweatshirt
Simple to the point message.  Sweatshirt is available in a variety of colors.
Merry Cannabis Holiday Sweatshirt

Marijuana Themed Christmas Sweaters and Holiday Sweatshirts

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